Sunday, September 27, 2020

Featured Author: KM Lowe



Title – Tidal Love

Author – KM Lowe

Editor – Karen Sanders

Designer – Francessca Wingfield


Release Date – 25th September


One summer may just change two lives forever.

Harleigh Harrison is about to embark on a holiday of a lifetime. She hopes that sun, sea, and cocktails will help her forget the trauma from her past. She didn’t count on meeting handsome Giovani Russi the moment she stepped foot inside her hotel.

Giovani Russi has had a lot of ups and downs himself. Now, running his hotel in Bulgaria, growing his empire, and living a life of luxury is all that’s on his mind...until his path crosses with Harleigh.

Harleigh and Giovani are two lost souls, but together, they see what they’ve been missing. However, nothing in love ever comes easy. Do they have what it takes to forget their pasts and learn to trust again?

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About KM Lowe



KM Lowe is a Scottish author living in Central Scotland. She lives with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. She loves the great outdoors. When you don’t find her with her head stuck in a book or laptop, you’ll find her walking, exploring new areas, and enjoying family time.



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 Interview with KM:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

I write a mixture of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and PNR. All of my books have that element of romance in them. I like to dabble in stories that will hook the readers in from the get go. None of my books are similar, there is something for everyone.

  1. What inspires you to write?

My kids and husband are my biggest inspiration. I hope that one day my kids can look back on the books I wrote with pride.

  1.   For someone who hasn't read any of your books yet, which one would you suggest they read first?

Oh, this is a hard question. I will have to say Lisa – coming Of Age (Book 1 of the Guardian Shifters) if you like PNR. Lisa is a young character, strong and able bodied. She’s dealt a rough hand, but she takes it all in her stride and grows from it.

  1. How do you come up with your characters' names? 

It is getting harder to pick names now. If I can’t decide on names I give it to my readers group to through some suggestions around. However, I tend to pick names I like, that I can relate to, and that will suit the characters personality. I like names that are a little different and that can be shortened if need be.

  1. If you could be friends with one of your character,s which one would you chose?

Again, I think it would have to be Lisa. Although she’s young, she’s bubbly and friendly, easy going, with a kick ass personality. She would be a fun friend, never a dull moment.

  1. Do you have a release day tradition?

No. I tend to just wing it on release day. Lol!

  1. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose?

Italy. I love Italy. I love the country, the people, and the food and wine. If I could emigrate to any country it would be Italy.

  1. What writing projects are you currently working on?

My next release is Shawland Security:Book 2. This book is with my editor just now. It’s suspense at its finest. I love the Shawland brothers, they each bring something unique to their world. Nothing is predictable with this series, it has taken me on a rollercoaster ride.



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