Saturday, August 25, 2018

Featured Author: Alex L. Michaels

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Alex L. Michaels!!!!

 The Beast of Aubyn Hall
The man they call the beast, sworn off love, meets the bookish beauty who thinks that love exists only in books.
When Bronte Beltran finds out that her next assignment is cataloging the famous Aubyn Hall library, she's ecstatic. But when she finds out they call the owner the Beast of Aubyn Hall, not so much. A week in a dusty library should be right up her alley. But a wrong word at the wrong time and she might just find out what exactly is beastly about the Beast of Aubyn Hall.
General info:
Contemporary romance, standalone.
#2 in Bookworms & Alphas Series: Where men like to give orders, but women don't like to listen.

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About Alex L. Michaels:
Alex L. Michaels lives in Europe, in a small country you probably never heard of. She always wanted to be a writer, but it took her a long time to get there. She loves writing romance, although poetry was her first love. She is a film buff, TV show addict and horror genre aficionado. But books always come first. Her heroes are sometimes charming, sometimes brooding, but always alpha. Her heroines are cheeky, independent and always worth fighting for.


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