Monday, August 27, 2018

Featured Author: Abby Gale

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Abby Gale!!

Book Blurb:
Those things should've stopped me from wanting her.
They didn't.  

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About Abby Gale: 

 Abby Gale is an international author. I generally she writes erotica with little suspense in it, but she doesn't like to label herself. She's a former blogger, an avid reader, and a pharmacist aside from her author persona.

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Interview With Abby Gale:
Can you tell us a little about your books?
I write whatever strikes my fancy. Sometimes contemporary, sometimes taboo, but one thing is consistent: My books are emotional, mostly even melancholic, and twisted in some ways. They are not easy fun reads, but I believe they would make people feel.

2) What inspires you to write?
Everything. It can be a song, a quote, a photo or people in general. I'm an observer and I'd like to use my observations in my books. And of course, my own feelings and moods.  

3) How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
 I've written 5 novels (including my upcoming release Beautiful Inferno) and 1 novella by myself. And 4 novellas as collaboration.   

4)  Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I mostly write in the daylight. But it's not always the case. So many times I woke up in the middle of the day to write down some words. Those times are always the fastest I wrote. But generally, I don't have a good schedule. I try to write in every chance I got. 

5)  Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
Chilled water in a big bottle and coffee in a big thermo mug. I can't sit down to write without them!

6) Do you have a favorite spot to write?
Mostly in my recliner. But when it's summer, wherever is the coldest. I can't focus on in this heat. Lol

7) If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Healing. As a person who suffered a lot of pain to gain health, I don't think there is another superpower I'd love to have more.

8 ) What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I'm guilty of having so many WIPs. But I try to focus on a few of them at a time. Right now, I have four. -A teacher-student novella. An easy, angst-free smut. -A romantic suspense with second chance vibes -An emotional and angsty contemporary romance -And finally a forbidden smutty novella I don't know which one will come first, but they'll come soon. 

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