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Release Blitz for TREASURES OF THE DEEP BLUE SEA by Roberta Franklin

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Roberta Franklin
Treasures of the Deep Blue Sea
Genre: Adventure Romance
Publisher: Olympia Publishers
Publication Date: July 26, 2018
Nikos and Sally, the Most Unusual Couple - first they got involved with dangerous artefact thieves, now they get mixed up in a vendetta!
Their first romantic holiday on Crete turns out quite differently for Professor Nikos and his bubbly young girlfriend-assistant Sally from what they’d expected: first they discover an ancient shipwreck with a priceless cargo of very rare artefacts, and then Sally suddenly disappears – kidnapped, as it turns out, by a Cretan family involved in a deadly generations-old vendetta!
Nikos, with the help of his Turkish colleague Hasan and a couple of brave hoteliers, tries to find a way to free Sally, end the feud, and ensure a happy ending to a Romeo-and-Juliet-like romance for the young Cretan couple trapped in this family conflict…

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Sally had already sneaked out of her room with the bullet packets in her hand; barefoot and tip-toed, lifting her improvised ‘skirt’ so she wouldn’t trip over it, she walked to the rifle cabinet, unlocked it and took the heavy Kalashnikov out first.
She knew that that was going to be the easiest one: she had already checked the day before where the mechanism was that released the magazine, so all it took was a bit of pressure, and the magazine came off with just a slight ‘click’. She then took the magazine with the blanks from the board and inserted it with another ‘click’. Yannis’s beloved Kalashnikov wouldn’t kill anyone now.
She put the magazine with the real bullets on the board; she had put all the ammunition there so that she would be able to work more quickly – anyway, if the kitchen door opened up now she was done for, one way or the other.
She took out the nine-millimetre shotgun and opened the break action with another clicking sound, a bit louder than the ones the Kalashnikov had emitted. She carefully removed the two large shells from the barrels with the help of her fingernails; as she placed them on the board, she looked at them for a moment and shuddered at the thought of what damage they would do if fired at a human being…
Then she took two of the harmless ones out of the package labelled ‘nine mm’ and placed them in the gun, and put it back into the cabinet. Half the job was already done.

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About Roberta Franklin

Roberta Franklin
Roberta Franklin, who was born in Germany in 1973 and studied History and English Literature in Munich, now shares her time between London and Athens. She has worked in various fields – as a journalist, as Social Hostess on a cruise ship, as an insurance agent – and during the past ten years she has been working as a freelance translator and a teacher of foreign languages. But her true passion has always been writing, and her favourite genre has always been romantic fiction.
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