Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Review for Watching from the Shadows

The Sexy Six-Pack is back! 

Retired Navy SEAL, Marco DeAngelis, is now an operative at Trident Security. He’s also a Dominant in the BDSM lifestyle. After a poor childhood, he is determined to stay single and childless for the rest of his life. But unbeknownst to him, one night of shared grief and comfort with his deceased sister’s best friend changes that forever. 

Harper Williams had always found her best friend’s brother attractive and the more she got to know him, the more she liked him. But Marco has made it perfectly clear a wife and children aren’t for him, even if he no longer has a say in the latter. If he didn’t want to be involved in his child’s life, then that was his problem. 

When Harper is left unconscious after a violent home invasion, the two are thrown back together and become embroiled in a web of lies and deceit of someone else’s making. Will they lose their baby…and their lives? 

The Trident Security Series – 
Leather & Lace (Devon & Kristen) 
His Angel (Ian & Angie) 
Waiting For Him (Boomer & Kat) 
Not Negotiable – A Novella (Parker & Shelby) 
Topping the Alpha (Jake & Nick)

This series is freaking awesome!! Like really, really awesome!! No you don't have to read them in order to understand what is going on, but in my opinion you are really missing out if you haven't read the first ones and I think it is much better as they do have interconnecting characters. Now, let me tell you this book, well this book is even more awesome than the last and I really didn't think that was possible. Each book is fantastic and every time I get to the end I say that was my favorite. Oh hell, I can't pick a favorite they all are my favorites!! I immediately was drawn into Marco and Harper's relationship. Marco and Harper have known each other for years. Harper is Marco's sister's best friend and when Nina (Marco's sister) dies they come together in a night of grief and passion, but Marco has always believed he isn't the husband and father type due to his not so good upbringing so when he is suddenly finds out because Harper is hurt during a home invasion that he is a father to say he doesn't quite know what to do with that is a gross understatement. However, he and all the Trident Security men do what they know how to do and that is to protect the ones they love even if Marco isn't willing to admit he loves Harper or his baby girl. Marco is one of those heroes that you immediately fall in love with and want to strangle him many times throughout the book but eventually he comes around and discovers he isn't as broken and damaged as he thought. Harper is the perfect person for Marco. She is stubborn and strong but loves her daughter more than life itself so even when she is not willing to admit she wants Marco she readily admits that they both need to come together to find out who is trying to kill her and keep their daughter safe. I promise you this book will have you laughing at times, crying in others, and fanning yourself a whole lot. Samantha never disappoints with her sex scenes. HOLY MOLY are they HOT!!! Like panty melting, go take a cold shower hot!!  Oh and that YouTube scene was hilarious!! Like had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard hilarious!! And I can not wait for the next book!! This was easily a 5++ AMAZEBALLS stars for me!

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