Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Release Blitz for Saving Tayla by Amanda Kaitlyn

Title: Saving Tayla
Series: Beautifully Broken #5
Author: Amanda Kaitlyn
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 24, 2020


From NY Times bestselling author, Amanda Kaitlyn comes a gripping, sexy romantic suspense in Saving Tayla

I never thought I would use that word to describe myself.
I was broken: damaged goods.
My ex had ruined me, wholly and completely. Because of him, I became addicted to the taste of a high I quickly felt I couldn't live without.
My world that had once shone brightly was now so dark, I couldn't see my way out of it. I was lost. A year later, I was free of that damaged man and ready to start living again. Fighting every day to be sober and become the woman I used to be was now my top priority. Asher tore into my life like a hurricane, wrecking all my perfectly-laid plans. I didn't have time to fall for a man like him.
He had a dirty mouth that melted me, but he was dangerous - I knew that. My heart wanted to give into him, but my mind knew better. Loving him was my downfall
Saving Tayla is an installment of The Beautifully Broken series and should be read in order for the best reader experience. Each book features new characters and a heart-wrenching love story.

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When you know, you know.
My father’s words came back to me, shadowing through my mind like a truth I didn’t want to face. I didn’t even know this girl’s name, and I wanted her.
It was something my dad would often tell my brothers and me when we asked him for advice with women. He said that the first time he saw our mom, he knew he would marry her. At the time, I thought he was completely nuts, but now, as I took in the blonde bombshell in front of me, I wasn’t so sure.
I stopped directly in front of them, only a breath and a step away from her and I was finding it hard to breathe. The scent of cherries hit my nose, the sweet smell emanating off of her in waves and I was losing myself.
Big, hazel eyes trapped me, holding me captive and I couldn’t look away, even if I’d wanted to. Fuck, no I don’t want to.
She had a mouth painted ruby red, plump and full and perfect to fit just right around the head of my cock that had become steel in her presence. Never really liked blondes, but this one, this gorgeous little thing, was lethal to my self-control.
I knew next to nothing about her but I was damn sure of one thing; she was a game-changer.
“Hi.” Her voice, honey and silk, hit my ears and all I could think was, I want you. I wasn’t so sure that would go over very well so I came up with something else to say.
“Hi, back.”
I watched in rapturous fascination as a scarlet blush covered her cheeks. Her eyes dropped from mine as she fiddled with the rings on her fingers and, for a split second, I was worried she may be married. But, as I looked at her hands – pale, thin fingers painted to match her toes – I was relieved to see no wedding or engagement rings.
Not even a ring would keep me from wanting her, though.

Review by Gia:
Saving Tayla is book 5 in The Beautifully Broken Series.  Each book covers a different couple.  I didn't see the suggestion that the series be read in order to get the best reader experience until after I finished reading this one.  So far this one is the only one I have read in the series and I wasn't lost and I thought the story ran smoothly.  
Tayla has had a rough time.   She's an addict in the recovery stage.  She has her struggles.  She's been through so much and at times I so  just wanted to climb through the pages and give her a hug.   When she meets Asher, she doesn't think it's the right time to start something.  Asher is the perfect guy for her.  He's sweet and patient and doesn't back to down from getting what he wants.   There were some points towards the end of the story that i would have like to have more information on but overall this one is a good read. 
5 Stars!!

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Author Bio

NY Times Bestselling author, Amanda Kaitlyn lives in New England with her girlfriend and her shih Tzu, Mocha. As a girl, she always loved fairy tales but learned the ones she loves are a bit dirtier, now. In her books you’ll find raw, real, emotional romance and alpha males that stop at nothing to protect the head-strong women they love. When she isn’t writing on her laptop, you can find her playing with her pup or reading on her kindle. Want to keep up with the latest news & books by Amanda Kaitlyn? Follow her on Social Media and join her readers group for more.

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