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Featured Author: Dani René

Welcome Today's Featured Author
 Dani René!!

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Ace of Harts

Broken by Desire

Shattered by Love

Between Love & Fire (Backstage Series Book #2)


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Between Lust & Tears (Backstage Series Book #2)


CUFFED (Falling Stars Duet Book #1)


From the Ashes – A Forbidden Series Novella

I dance to forget, but I always remember
I taunt and tease, it’s why they’re here

The spotlights, the sleek silver pole
The stage is mine, I own the crowd

Until he walked in

Dark eyes pierce me
A devilish smirk scorches me
Memories brand me

One night was all I gave him
One night wasn’t what he wanted

Was it fate? Was it destiny?
Only time will tell…

It’s time to rise…
From the Ashes.

*This is a dark romance and is for mature audiences only. Contains explicit scenes intended for adults 18 + Includes MFFM and FMFM scenes.This is a prequel to Covet Book Two of the Forbidden Series.

Crave (Forbidden Series Book #1)


Can love overcome hate?

When I first laid eyes on the perfect little blonde, I didn’t think she’d change my life.
But the first time I tasted her, felt her, took her, I knew she was mine.
I laid a wordless claim because as much as I desired her, I couldn’t have her.

I craved the dark, she filled me with light.
I loved delivering pain, she craved it.

Opposites merged by circumstance.
Hearts melded by passion.


Can light defeat darkness?

I should have feared him.
Everything about him was drenched in the darkness he exuded.
But one glance into his cobalt eyes, and I knew I was his.
My heart allowed him entry, as did my body.
And after the first time, my soul recognized his.
Desired what he delivered.

I craved his darkness, he bathed in my light.
I submitted to his desires, he craved my very being.

Running from him wasn’t an option.
Fate bound us in its intricate pattern.

*This is a dark romance, suitable for mature audiences, 18+ ONLY. Strong sexual themes and violence, which could trigger emotional distress, are found in this story. Certain scenes are graphic and could be upsetting to some. This story is NOT for everyone. Proceed with caution. Discretion is advised. This is book one of the Forbidden Series, but can be read separately. Each book will feature a different couple. There is NO cliffhanger.

Love Beyond Words

Words can hurt, but they can also heal.
It all started with a letter,
Where two hearts found kinship,
And two souls found solace.

When hope is lost,
When you’re all alone,
When words are all you have,
Can love fight through the dark?

Two strangers,
One intricately woven twist,
One heart stopping discovery,

Will he love me when he finds out?
Will she love me when she learns the truth?

Mature audience only. 18+ due to adult themes.

About Dani René:

An indie author and freelance graphic designer, Dani’s writing has evolved from short fan fiction stories to full length novels. From sweet and romantic, to dark and delicious, she’s grown from strength to strength and hitting her stride. 

On a daily basis, she has a few hundred characters, storylines, and ideas floating around in her head. Generally working on two or more manuscripts at a time, she loves the variety of where her writing is taking her.
She’s normally found in the cave with a mug of coffee or a glass of wine whipping up new emotional rollercoasters. You can also find her on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

She has a healthy addiction to reading, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream. Some of her go to authors are M Never, K Webster, Pepper Winters, KL Kreig, Meghan March, and that’s just to name a few!

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Interview with Dani René:
  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
    I currently have ten books available on Amazon, some are on iBooks and Kobo as well. I’ve got nine self-published on my Dani René pen name and one traditionally published in my second pen name Leigh Christopher. I write contemporary and erotic romance, and have recently started writing dark romances which I find more exciting and challenging, and even have a psychological thriller which was signed by a small publishing house late last year (2016).

  2. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
    I guess I’ve always known. I started writing from an early age, around 12 or 13 when I wrote short stories and poems. I didn’t think I’d ever publish a book, but I enjoyed creating worlds and characters to escape into. In 2015, I started writing fan fiction on Wattpad and from there my love for writing grew substantially when I got feedback from readers saying they were enjoying the stories. I then decided to take the plunge and self-published my first novel in December 2015. From there, I just haven’t stopped. I love what I do and because of the readers and bloggers who support me I’m thankful that I can continue doing what I love.

  3. Do you have a favorite character to write about?
    I do love writing about strong, feisty heroine’s and dark, brooding alphas. There’s no specific character I love to write, and if you have a look at my books you’ll find everything from dominant billionaires, to sexy rock stars, and filthy mouthed cops. I do love making sure my female characters are strong willed, stubborn almost, where they’re fiercely independent yet still need the hero to be there for them.
  1. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
    Coffee! LOL! I turn coffee into words. I don’t normally snack when I’m writing, but if I do, I love having pretzels which are easy to munch on and I tend to finish a bag at a time while I’m in the zone. But I always have a large mug of coffee beside me.
  2. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
    I love sitting on my sofa. It’s practically molded to my body already! LOL!!! I find it more comfortable than sitting at my desk and writing. I also enjoy sitting outside on a hot summer’s day. Nature is always the best inspiration.
  3. What is a usual writing day like for you?  How is it structured?
    Because I have a full-time job, writing is normally done in the evening. I’ll generally spend about four to five hours from finishing work at 5pm, and I’ll write till 10pm. If work is quiet, I’ll pull up a manuscript and write in between. I’m lucky enough to work from home which gives me the opportunity to write when I have free time. There’s never any structure to what I do.
  4. For a reader who hasn't read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with?
    That’s a difficult one, my debut is always my go to, however it does have cheating, so if that’s a hard limit for some, I normally start them off with something short and dirty, which is my novella I released in December 2016 titled, Cuffed. It’s short, but it gives the reader some idea of my writing style. From there I’d ask them if they prefer dark or contemporary romance. For the darker, I’ll suggest From the Ashes, which is a novella and has a few steamy scenes. If they prefer something sweeter, I’d suggest Love Beyond Words which was a more contemporary romance.
  5. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose, and why?
    That’s probably the most difficult question ever!! LOL! I’d probably go with either Scotland, I was there a few years ago and it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world! OR, I’d go with a beach location like Cancun, or Belize, so I can relax on the beach and read.
  6. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
    I’m working on LOADS of projects. I tend to jump from story to story. I can easily write three or four books at a time. Now though, I’m focusing on a dark mafia romance which will be a trilogy following three brothers. I’m also working on a paranormal romance which will be a duet, and it will be my first PNR ever, so I’m a little nervous about it. And lastly, I’m working on a couple shorter novella’s which will be popping up sometime over the next few months.

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