Friday, April 21, 2017

Release Blitz for Sticks & Stones by Rachael Brownell

Sticks & Stones by Rachael Brownell
Contemporary Romance
#Kindle Unlimited

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but my past does not define me.

High School—one of the worst times in my life. I was “that” girl, the one everyone made fun of. The outcast. Band geek. Nerd. That’s all changed, and so have I. Jane Sharp vanished into thin air years ago; I go by Reese Kennedy now. But Reese isn’t the one invited to the Meadow High School Class of 2005 reunion next month. I am. So I need a plan.

Step one: Hire a fake fiance.
Step two: Attend my reunion and rub my success in their faces.
Step three: Resume my normal life.

Falling for Hunter Drake is not on my agenda.

Review By Gia:
Reese is runs an successful real estate business.  She's smart and sexy.  She wasn't always sexy Reese.  In high school she was nerdy Jane and she was bullied.  The head bully was Tiffanie.   Her tenth high school reunion is coming up and she wants to show everyone how successful she is.   At the urge of her best friend, she decides to hire an escort to pretend to be her fiance for the reunion.   Hunter is sweet and just plain amazing.  He's just doing escorting to get back on his feet.  He and Reese hit it off.   They have a great connection.   Reese is pretty open about herself and what she needs from Hunter.  Hunter on the other hand has a big secret.  I was wondering how his secret would come but I never guessed it would come out the way it did.   There was a lot of talk about Tiffanie in the book and I couldn't wait until we got to actually meet her at the reunion.   I was kind of hoping that she had grown out of her mean girl shoes.   This one is a really good read that had me hooked from beginning to end. 

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