Friday, November 20, 2015

Release Blitz for I Am Atlas by Ella Emerson

Title: I Am Atlas
Book: 1
Series: The Playing God Series
Author: Ella Emerson
Cover Designer: Redbird Designs
Book Manager: Olivia Howe
Publisher: Booktrope
Releases: November 20th


Powerful, wealthy, wildly handsome Atlas has it all: successful company, stunning penthouse, and all the women and fun he could want. But when he meets the brilliant, graceful and mesmerizing Gwen, he is thunderstruck and wants to go to great lengths to have her, even if it means breaking his own rules and baring his secret soul.

When his livelihood is threatened by a competing rival, he must prepare for a corporate battle. But, with Gwen at his side he knows he will not lose.

But, what if she isn’t who he thought she was? What if nothing is as it seems?

Will Atlas lose everything?

How far is one man willing to go for the woman he loves?  

Review by Gia:
I am Atlas is an amazing read. It’s a crazy wonderful read. There are a few mind blowing twists in it. There is a major twist that I couldn’t believe and I was glad I was sitting down with my kindle because if I was walking around I probably would have dropped my kindle. Ella Emerson did a wonderful job with surprising me in this one.
When we meet Gwen her life is falling apart. She’s lost her job and her long time boyfriend, Matthew has left her. It’s a heart wrenching time for Gwen. Then we meet Atlas who has everything going for him. My first impression of Atlas was that he was kind of a cocky guy but Atlas has many layers. Atlas seems great for Gwen and I loved to see their relationship progress. Towards the end is where it gets all crazy but crazy in a good way.
  This one is definitely a one click now book.   
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!

About The Author:

Ella Emerson lives in Florida with her husband and three wonderful children. When she isn't writing you can find her watching movies or playing games with her children. She loves to read, write and eat pizza. A true lover of the beach, she enjoys the sun, surf, sand and sea. She also is a huge fan of the cinema and enjoys crazy 80's chick flicks. She was raised a military brat, and has seen her fair share of the world. She loves using her own experiences and turning them into lovely romantic tales.
In high school she discovered her love for reading, and even had one of her poems published in a national magazine. She continues to read, write, review and hopefully she can become an inspiration to her own children, as well as others.


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