Monday, January 19, 2015

RELEASE DAY BLITZ for Loving Josie, A Torey Hope Novel by A.D. Ellis


Loving Josie, A Torey Hope Novel by A.D. Ellis

This is a stand-alone novel and does not need to be read in order.
Josie Decker has spent her whole life as an unloved and unwanted bother. Like a wild horse captured and bridled, Josie’s spirit is broken. She devises a plan to start her life anew; silently biding her time, she waits for the perfect moment. When that moment arises, Josie takes the opportunity and runs freely into an uncertain future in Torey Hope.
Kyle Martin is a tattooed, pierced, bad boy with a heart of gold. Marching to the beat of his own drummer, Kyle meets his perfect match early on in life. Devastating circumstances beyond his control plunge Kyle into dark despair and suffocating blackness. In an effort to escape the blackness, Kyle accepts an offer from an old friend and moves to Torey Hope.
Josie and Kyle hit it off as close friends and kindred spirits right away. Both are harboring secrets and sadness, but the connection between them is bringing light back to their smiles, their hearts, their lives. Kyle and Josie cling to each other as they battle guilt and crushed spirits. Through it all, with a lot of help from an unexpected accomplice, Kyle and Josie come to view each other in a new light.
When the past catches up to them and causes their lives to come crashing down, will Kyle and Josie get the chance to see where their future is headed? Or will they be forced to admit they waited too long to embrace what was right in front of them the whole time?
A heart-wrenching and heart-warming love story of cherishing the past while embracing the future.
For ages 18+ due to adult language and situations.

This book will be available on Kobo, iBooks, Nook SOON (if it's not already!)
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~Review by Gia~
Loving Josie is a book in the Torey Hope series.  It can been read as a standalone.  The character from the previous books do show up in this one too.  So, if you read the previous books, you get to caught up a little with those characters. 
Loving Josie is Josie and Kyle's story.  Wow, I was hooked right from the beginning.    In the beginning Josie is put into a arranged marriage by her father.   She is not happy begin a trophy wife.  She wants to be an artist but her husband won't allow her to use her real name to sell her art.  On the other hand Kyle is in a great lasting relationship.  He is happily married.  You know that somehow Josie and Kyle's paths are going to cross.   I was a little worried that Josie was going to be a home wrecker and destroy Kyle and   Izzy's relationship.  But no worries Josie is not a home wrecker.  Kyle and Izzy's story ends tragically.
Josie flees to Torey Hope and an Uncle she never knew she had.  Her path crosses with Kyle.   Kyle is a sexy tattooed biker who runs a tattoo parlor.    
Both have to over come their past tragedies.   They feel a pull towards each other.  It's a a little heart wrenching to red in the beginning but when you continue reading you are given hope that Kyle and Josie will be able to patch each other back together again.
4 Amzazeballs Stars!!! 

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