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Interview With Ghiselle St. James

Interview With Ghiselle St. James:

‪1. Can you tell us a little about your book?‬‪

Well, I have three out. The 1st is a standalone, Romantic Comedy that I released last March. It's about a redhead who reunites with the love of her life, ten years after losing her virginity to him. The reunion takes place in a strip club....while she's on the pole, and they fight insurmountable odds to find their way together. The second book is part of a series called Tainted Love. It's about a woman hiding from a terrible past, who avoids love like the plague, but ends up falling for a man that could unravel her. Her past comes back to haunt her in a very real way and this is where Book 2 comes in. Broken Love picks up where Tainted Love dropped off, and it is a race against time for the hero to find her, as she was kidnapped. It speaks to the fact that even tainted and broken, love can and will still find us.

2. ‪What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write?‬
My favorite parts to write in any of my books has to be the suspenseful parts. I love when there's suspense and mystery in a novel. It's not all heart and flowers but a real, honest-to-God story, and that's one thing that I've had readers say, my books seem like they could be real, from dialogue down to the smallest detail.

3. Who designs your covers?‬‪
My first two book covers were designed by me, but my third was designed by a close friend of mine, Kari Nappi. She got my vision and produced an amazing cover for Broken Love. :)

4. Do you have a favorite spot to write?‬‪
I mostly write where the tv is. Lol! So sometimes I write in the bedroom and sometimes I write in the living room. I don't necessarily have a favorite place. :)

5. ‪Do you listen to music while you write?‬
I listen to music, I watch tv, I chat....I'm usually partly distracted most of the time. Almost like I have the attention span of a goldfish. Lol!

‪6. Do you prefer to write standalone or series?‬‪
I have only ever written 1 standalone, but I already have plans to write more. I love the idea of the standalone, but then, with the series, you get to take journeys with the characters and fall in love with them even more. I think of series as a CW drama series. Frickin' One Tree Hill or some shit. Lol!!!

7. When did you know you wanted to write a book?‬‪
I've always written. Been writing since I was 13yrs old. I tried to run away from it. I even started writing just to get thoughts out of my head. But a fellow author saw something of mine on Goodreads and he said I should develop it, so I did and he read it and loved it and wanted more. In the midst of writing Broken Love (October 2013), I got the idea for South Row and decided to work on it instead. He really, really loved that one and told me I needed to publish; so after editing, I made it my debut. :)

8. What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?‬‪
I have too many random facts to share, I'm open like that! Lol! Um.....I'm a Christian.....dedicated. Go to church, sing and my husband preaches. Lmao!!!

9. Are you attending any author signing events this year?‬‪
Due to the fact that I live in Jamaica, I won't be able to attend any unfortunately. However, I do plan to attend a few in the years to come and I also have plans to host one myself for Jamaican erotic romance authors.....there are quite a few out there, Olivia Linden (Jaded Hearts & Corporate Hitman series) and Shantaye Brown (Zel: Deviants & Saints), to name a few.

10. What are writing projects are you currently working on?‬‬
Currently, I am working on's why I've said that:
I'm working on three books, 2 in the forefront of things. I am working on a spin-off novella from the Tainted Love series that was totally fan driven, even though the more I thought about it, the more I realized that two characters from the series needed a story of their own. I've also designed two teasers for this upcoming work. I'm also working on a standalone called Life of the Party which will highlight a part of my personality (most of my books are written from some aspect of my life and experiences). I also have the final installment to the Tainted Love series to write.
I say all that to say........INSANITY. Lol!!!
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