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Interview with Don Abdul

Interview with Don Abdul

 We had the opportunity to interview Don Abdul.  He is the writer of many erotic fiction books.   He just finished writing a Sci-Fi erotica story titled A Time for Justice. That story is part of an Author Challenge Anthology called Eros.  Read below to check out our interview and to find out more about Don.

ABA:  Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Don:    Don Abdul is a writer and author of erotic fiction in his mid-40s. I’m a single dad of two wonderful teenage boys, who are as yet too young to be introduced to most of my writing. They however love daddy’s more tame poems *Winks*.

ABA:  Can you tell us about your books?
Don:    I write sizzling erotic romance books which appeal to both sexes, regardless of their sexual orientation. My characters are written in such a way that readers can easily identify and empathize with them. One of the key strengths of my books is that each book has a strong and plausible plot behind the story, and the sex is definitely in the upper heat levels.
            To date I have over a dozen books including an erotic poetry book titled Rock My World all published under my name Don Abdul. I also have three other books published under my other pen name Tyrese Jordan.

ABA:  Which book has been the easiest to write?
Don:    The book that has been easiest to write is Chocolate Desire, which is the first book in A Cougar’s Legacy Trilogy. The story was just begging to be written and the sex was so hot I had to take several breaks to enjoy the moment and take a few cold showers as well *winks*

ABA:  What challenges have you had to overcome as a writer?
Don:    I have faced several challenges, chief among which is dealing with rejection from potential publishers. But I overcame that and eventually got published five years after my I submitted my first manuscript.

ABA:  Do you have a favorite character to write about?
Don:    My favourite character from my books is Raymond “Ray” Chadway from A Cougar’s Legacy Trilogy. Despite being a much younger in a relationship with a cougar, he maintains his independence, integrity, and not only is he smoking hot and damn good lay. He is a deeply loving and caring perfect gentleman. In a world where good older women end up with younger bad boys, Ray is a good guy in every sense of the word, especially in the way he rocks Marie-Claire’ world and makes her forget the pains of her turbulent past.

ABA:  Do you have a favourite spot to write?
Don:    My absolute favourite place to write is my living room couch. What most might not realize is that when I write I take my own advice for reading my stories; I get in the zone *Wink*. Writing in the nude makes getting some relief easier, even taking a cold shower too *winks*

ABA:  Do you work with an outline, or just write?
Don:    I start my stories by creating an outline, and then I build on that outline. This technique makes writing a lot easier in my opinion.
I have also written some of my books straight up, in fact in once particular instance, I wrote an entire book in three days without an outline.

ABA:  When did you know you wanted to write a book?
          Don:    I wrote an essay in junior high school, which got published in my school newsletter; I later grew to become the deputy editor of the newsletter. That article opened my eyes and I knew right then that I would love to write my own book some day.

ABA:   What's one random fact about yourself that you can share?
Don:    Well, one fact about me that hardly any of my readers know is that back in college I worked part time as a Radio DJ, and a Television Presenter.

ABA:  What are you working on next?
Don:    I just finished writing a Sci-Fi erotica story titled A Time for Justice. This story is part of an Author Challenge Anthology called Eros.
It is a story of life on the fast lane, Justice and Time travel set in Wall Street and Victorian England. Of course it wouldn’t be a Don Abdul story if it didn’t have hot sex scene, and naughty twists in it. 
And then of course I am also working on the Third and final book in A Cougar’s Legacy Trilogy. My readers and fans of my poetry should also expect a new poetry book soon.

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