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Title: Warrant
Author: S.L. Schiefer
Release Date: January 17, 2015
Genre: New Adult

I'm Devon Harper and there are only two certainties in my life: 1. I live to dance. 2. I'm a prostitute. Do you know when your life is suddenly turned upside down? Setting in action a sequence of events, you never saw coming. That's what happened to me. My story is not a pretty one, nor is it your typical love story. My world was rocked at 18 and again three years later. My life is a series of let downs. The only constant in my life is dance. When unlikely ally, Enzo, enters my messed up life I start to believe that just maybe there's hope for me yet. Trying to get a degree in dance and get out of prostitution might leave me with more to lose than before.


Review by Gia:
Wow!  Have you ever read a book and when you are done, you were like "that was a great read" but other than that you are completely speechless.  Well that's how I feel after reading Warrant.  It's a great read but even a day after reading I'm still not sure what to say about it but I'll give it a shot.
Warrant is a gritty and raw read.  Some part are even gross.  But none of the gross and gritty parts are written just for shock value, they all have a part in the story and they are what makes the story. 
Devon is a prostitute.  It was not her life plan, she was forced into it and desperately would love to be free.   She meets Enzo.  Enzo is a new detective.   He takes a liking to Devon.  Devon and Enzo seems to be good for each other.  She keeps secrets from him.  Enzo may be the only one who can help Devon.  But she'll have to go through a lot of hell first. 
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!

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About the Author
S.L. Schiefer

I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio. I am the biggest Ohio State fan EVER! I have a husband, two boys, and a pit bull. I’m a country girl at heart, and have no problem sitting outside by a fire or grabbing guns and target shooting. I’m a hairstylist and assistant manager at SportClips. In my down time you’ll generally find me relaxing with my Kindle, or trying to entertain my minions. I’m a lover of Harry Potter and Transformers.

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