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Blog Tour for Taking The Fall (Dennison Series, Book 2) by W. Ferraro



OUAA synopsis
Hunter Dennison has been an overachiever in all aspects of his life. He knows what he wants and goes after it, and he intends to follow suit in his love life with the young and beautiful Molly. His patience is at its last resolve as he waits for her to come of age, but finally the time has arrived, and he prepares to tell Molly how he feels. What he doesn’t know is that someone else has set their own selfish agenda into motion, wreaking havoc on Hunter’s intentions and his confidence in Molly’s character. Believing the vicious lies, Hunter veers off his planned path. He finds solace and comfort in another’s arms, never realizing that he leaves in his wake a devastated Molly. However, fate cannot be fooled. Now, twenty years later, they both have settled into their own lives in Clearwater Falls. Hunter intends to rectify the past by letting Molly know that she is the one he wants now, just as he had wanted then. Can passion all these years in the making overcome the weight of regret that they both carry? Or will the price of their previous mistakes leave an insurmountable divide in their chance at forever?
WARNING: Recommended for adult readers (18+) only. Mature themes, strong language, and sexual content.

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This is another hit in the Dennison series!! I truly loved Gage and Delany's book (Afraid to Fall) and have been really looking forward to reading the next. And Wendy did not disappoint. Hunter is the very sexy and yummy doctor and brother of Gage. We did meet Hunter in Gage's book and I was so excited when I learned this was his book. I dove in reading while drinking my morning coffee and didn't stop until I hit the end. Thank goodness I have the luxury of being at home with my kids because I don't think you could have persuaded me to put this one down until I was finished. Molly and Hunter have known each other forever and each have had feelings for the other for just about as long but a huge misunderstanding well not really a misunderstanding but more of a big fat lie told to Hunter sends their lives in different directions. Now present day, Hunter is single dad and Molly is a divorced single mom of 2. They finally have it out and learn what had happened and set on a path to correct it. And it definitely isn't an easy path either, but this book really is the epitome of second chance love. I loved every minute of this book and can't wait to read the next in the series!! This is a 5 AMAZEBALLS stars for me!! A copy was given in exchange for an honest review.


OUAA About Author
I live in New England with my young family. I’m a stay at home mom to two very active children. For all of you who are familiar with the stress of this job, I decided to complete an item on my bucket list and write a book. When I’m not writing, you will find me cooking, reading, shopping or being silly with the kids. In my opinion, one of life’s greatest pleasure is being able to get lost in a book.

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