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Series Blitz for the Lake Chelan Series by Shirley Penick

Series: Lake Chelan Series
Author: Shirley Penick
Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance


Too busy for love? Hell no!

Chris Clarkson has a lot on his plate. As a volunteer firefighter in their small town, there is always something needed. He's also creating an amusement park to build tourism, so their town doesn't fade away. Plus Chris needs to work on his marriage. Something is wrong, he doesn't quite know what, but he's determined to figure it out.

Barbara Clarkson has heard way too many doom-and-gloom ten-year-itch stories. As they near their ten-year anniversary she knows something is missing. Will they just become another statistic? Not if she has anything to say about it.

They will battle scheming women, deep seated fears, injuries and the demands of their careers. Can they do it, are they committed enough? Or will they allow their love for each other to be broken and drift away?

Join Chris and Barbara Clarkson as they face the biggest challenges of their lives. Love... is it worth everything they have?




Kristen Mathews is a snarky self-sufficient woman who lives alone on the top of a mountain with her faithful dog as her only companion. She changes her own oil, runs a backhoe and designs jewelry. Kristen goes into town occasionally to see her sister and mail packages, she's perfectly happy with those tiny bits of socialization.

Until a forest fire forces her to evacuate. Coming down the mountain casts her into the town problems and sucks her into all the chaos of opening an art gallery. Her an art gallery owner? Preposterous... but true.

Police officer Nolan Thompson is tasked with the evacuation of the few residents on the mountain. Getting this crazy but beautiful jewelry designer out of harm’s way is not the easiest thing he’s ever done. He manages to get her to safety, but can't resist driving by to make sure she doesn't need some help adjusting to town life. When he gets caught in her gallery plans, he knows his life may never be the same.

Nolan turned his back on his talent forever when his sister was murdered. Caught back up in the art world, he’s torn between creating and the curse his art seems to have on those he loves.

When Nolan and Kristen act on their attraction, the world may never be the same. But can he keep her safe from the curse that seems to hang over him?

She's not the least bit interested in some silly idea of a curse.

Click now to see who wins this battle of wills in Designs on Her.

Join in the fun as the recluse teaches the man what life and love is all about.




Amber Clarkson is not looking for a hero.

She is a strong, confident, woman who owns the most popular restaurant in town. But when volunteer firefighter, Jeremy Scott, carries her to safety the night her restaurant catches on fire, she can do nothing but be thankful for his help.

What Amber doesn’t expect is his smokin’ hot kisses to burn through the barricades surrounding her heart. Sadly a relationship is not in the cards. He’s much too observant and she can’t let him discover her secret.

When the call comes in that Amber's restaurant is on fire and she lives above it, Jeremy will move heaven and earth to make sure she’s safe. The delectable Amber is a woman he's always been infatuated with. A few sweet kisses make him hunger for more, but if she finds out the truth, he risks losing her forever.

They both have secrets. Can a once in a lifetime love incinerate their fear? Enough to build future?

Buy Smokin' to reveal the secrets and see if a happily ever after is in the cards for this firefighter romance.

Join them as they learn that trust is exactly what it's cracked up to be.




Hotshot firefighter Trey Peterson is on temporary assignment above the town of Chedwick Washington on beautiful Lake Chelan. He puts in long days working to get the monster wildfire under control. On his short breaks from fighting the flames trying to consume not only the forest but the town, he tangles with Mary Ann Thompson.

Mary Ann is a strong self satisfied woman who wants a summer fling with the hunky firefighter. He's practically a god in bed and fun to be around. It's a relationship with an expiration date and that's just fine with her.

Trey is not so sure he's happy with moving on so quickly. Can he convince Mary Ann to give him a chance for more? That's the million-dollar question.

Click now to see how the Fire on the Mountain gives these two people a chance at a lasting firefighter romance.




Trapped in the friend zone.

Greg Jones has a great life. He’s assistant chief of the town’s volunteer fire department, he owns his own profitable tavern, he’s got a pre-law degree, and never has trouble finding a willing female to spend time with. The only problem in his perfect life is the woman he’s loved for over a decade has him firmly in the friend zone. Not just any friend, but the best friend of her younger brother.

Sandy Anderson is at the top of her career as a video game designer. Her creation Adventures with Tsilly has had three successful releases with plans for more. She’s got a great career! Fortunately, when her mother has an accident and ends up with a broken leg, Sandy has the freedom to spend the summer in her home town helping run her mother’s Bed and Breakfast. It’s easy to work remotely and communicate with her team in Seattle.

Greg sees Sandy’s return home for the summer as his chance to convince her that he can be more than her brother’s best friend, and the three-year age difference between them is nothing but numbers. He’s got three months to go from friend to lover. The time starts now.

Join Sandy and Greg as they circle around each other and their desires.




An arsonist is loose in their town. Two buildings burned. They have to find him. Stop him.

Nicole Roman is on a quest to track down her brother. She believes he’s reverted back to his pyromaniac tendencies and she is determined to find him, before someone gets hurt. It’s been eight months with no success. Deciding the town’s pastor could give her some confidential guidance, she goes to the church.

Pastor Scott Davidson is willing and able to give her the advice and support she needs. But he will have to reign in his attraction to the delightful lady. She needs assistance, not some guy lusting after her.

Nicole decides to trust the hunky pastor-slash-volunteer firefighter. Scott is her best chance to find her brother and get him the help he needs.

Scott promises to help, but his reason is very different than Nicole’s. This fire bug needs to be found and stopped at all costs. Even the chance for a relationship with the lovely Nicole.




A summer vacation fling, or so much more.

Jacqueline Hurst is taking the first vacation in forever. She’s going to read, relax, shop, and see the sights. The last thing she’s interested in is a man, especially a local. Although some stress relief might be fun, and since he’s on vacation too... Maybe.

David takes one look at the lovely Jacqueline, and knows he wants to get to know the woman a whole lot more. He can tell it’s going to take a slow infiltration of her defenses.

But oh so worth it.




Mystery and Romance combine to give this couple a second chance to fall in love.

Carol Anderson is shocked when a simple handshake sends sparks flying along her nerve endings. She never thought to feel that kind of attraction again after her husband died many years ago. The sexy architect that arrives on the ferry to help with a building project tempts, but he is not for her, she's been widowed too long to start all over again with a man.

Max Radcliff did not expect the former mayor to be such a gorgeous woman. Carol Anderson sparks a life into his body, awakening it again after his wife's death five long years ago. And while he's glad to know he's still fully functional, he's not interested in an affair with the delectable woman.

When Carol receives the deed to a long abandoned Victorian house, Max agrees to examine it for her. The "house" turns out to be a mansion where the inside dimensions do not match the outside. Keys go missing, doors open and close, noises are unaccounted for. Neither of them believe in ghosts or haunted houses, but they cannot explain the strange things happening. And what does the odd poem have to do with it all?

Join Carol and Max as they investigate the unexpected, including their own feelings.




Enemies to Lovers. They fight like crazy and then a different kind of passion takes over.

Deborah Bryant is back to take the final series of photos for her four seasons book of the Lake Chelan area. She's dreading it. Each time she makes it to Chedwick, she and Terry Anderson fight like wet cats, and then have angry relations. It's hard on her heart, because the damn man won't stay out of her thoughts while she's out of town.

Terry Anderson knows Deborah will be back in Chedwick any day. He can't decide whether to high tail it out of town, or meet her at the landing and escort her directly to his bed. He's never had a woman tear him up so bad. The last time she was in town he'd damn near lost his mind.




Ted was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He lived in an affluent and very loving family until he was a toddler. When his father took him away to live off the grid in the mountains above the town of Chedwick, Washington in the Lake Chelan valley. As a teenager Ted was driven from his home in the mountains and subsequently reunited with his mother. Now he's back in Chedwick to enjoy Christmas in Lake Chelan. Only to discover the busgirl has grown into a gorgeous woman.

Tammy works at the local diner and is almost finished with her degree in communication. On her way to work, shortly before Thanksgiving, she spies the helicopter of the boy she'd met as a teenager. He's not been back in years and she's excited to see him again.

Neither Ted nor Tammy expect the sparks that fly between them. The question is: Will she fit in his world and would she want to?




What does a geeky math nerd know about writing romance?

That's a darn good question. As a former techy I've done everything from computer programming to international trainer. Prior to college I had lots of different jobs and activities that were so diverse, I was an anomaly.

None of that qualifies me for writing novels. But I have some darn good stories to tell and a lot of imagination.

I have lived in Colorado, Hawaii and currently Washington. Going from two states with 340 days of sun to a state with 340 days of clouds, I had to do something to perk me up. And that's when I started this new adventure called author. Joining the Romance Writers of America and two local chapters, helped me learn the craft quickly and was a ton of fun.

My family consists of two grown children, their spouses, two adorable grand-daughters, and one grand dog. My favorite activity is playing with my grand-daughters!

When the girls can't play with their amazing grandmother, my interests are reading and writing, yay! I started reading at a young age with the Nancy Drew mysteries and have continued to be an avid reader my whole life. My favorite reading material is romance in most of the genres, but occasionally other stories creep into my to-be-read pile, I don't kick them out.

Some of the strange jobs I have held are a carnation grower's worker, a trap club puller, a pizza hut waitress, a software engineer, an international trainer, and a business program manager. I took welding, drafting and upholstery in high school, a long time ago when girls didn't take those classes, so I have an eclectic bunch of knowledge and experience.

And for something really unusual... I once had a raccoon as a pet.

Join with me as I tell my stories, weaving real tidbits from my life in with imaginary ones. You'll have to guess which is which. It will be a hoot.


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