Friday, June 11, 2021

Release Blitz for Chasing Neesa by Dina Haynes

Title: Chasing Neesa
Series: The Reality Book Series #1
Author: Dina Haynes
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 11, 2021


She’s been burned by men. He’s supposed to be keeping his distance. Will his cover be blown by true love?

Denise “Neesa” Longfellow is staring down being single at thirty. And her history of always trusting the wrong guy makes her wary of letting anyone else into her affections. But when her friends coax her into a girls’ night out, she surprises herself by giving a business card to a ruggedly handsome stranger…

PI Reuben “Ben” Murray is a career bachelor. And watching a pretty girl from afar for a job is nothing unusual for this former LA cop. But as soon as he meets this one up close and personal, her allure threatens to overwhelm his usual practice of not touching the merchandise.

Despite her concerns that he’s harboring secrets, Neesa can’t help but fall hard for the charming man. But as Ben discovers the facts behind his client’s obsession with her, he fears the truth may take the life of the only woman he’s ever truly loved.

Can Neesa and Ben survive a deadly surprise that could claim more than their hearts?

Chasing Neesa, previously released as Neesa, is the pulse-pounding first novel in The Reality Book contemporary romance series. If you like intense connections, unique story concepts, with a few steamy scenes, then you’ll adore Dina Haynes’s suspenseful tale.



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All of a sudden, his legs took over and walked him across the room. He stood behind Denise, with his mind a blank. He finished off his beer and wiped a thumb across his brow. This close to her felt like standing too close to a bonfire. Was he setting himself up to get burned?
“You’re pretty good at that,” he said.
His voice was steadier than he thought he could pull off. That is until she spun around to face him. She caressed a hand over her backside as though she sixth-sensed the R-rated thoughts from his head.
“Neesa…” The purple-haired one sidled up to Denise and nudged her. With a hand cupped over her mouth, she said, “Pick your jaw up off the floor and invite the guy to play a game.”
“No.” She turned to Reuben and gave a weak smile. “I mean, I thought we were having a girl’s night. You wouldn’t want to interfere with a few girls catching up.”
The backdrop of the bar fell away, leaving them the only two people in the room as far as he was concerned. What he heard Denise say was, “We are having a night. Want to interfere?”


Releasing July 2

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Releasing July 23

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Dina Haynes cheated on her lackluster acting career in favor of doing more "character" work and has been writing romance ever since. She lives in the bustling city of Los Angeles where her priorities are French bulldogs, writing, coffee, wine, and cooking. She's looking for social media friends, so follow her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and her website at


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