Wednesday, July 17, 2019

COVER REVEAL for The Break Series by Andrea Johnston


Title: The Break Series
Author: Andrea Johnston
Genre: New Adult Contemporary, Friends to Lovers
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Spring Break brought them together.
Summer Break tore them apart.
Winter Break will tell them if love is really enough.
Phoebe Stromberg never believed she would be charmed by her brother's best friend, Madsen Secksin. But charm her he did. With a kind heart and sexy as sin smile, he was the one man who made her believe in a forever kind of love.
Madsen Secksin knew Phoebe Stromberg was a force of nature, he never believed she'd be the clam to his storm. With her fiery attitude, self-imposed boundaries, and refusal to label their relationship, he hoped distance would strengthen their bond.
Join Phoebe and Madsen as they spend their Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks determining how much more they can be and how good life is when you find the one to complete your heart.
**The Break Series was originally released in 3 parts - Spring Break, Summer Break & Winter Break. This book contains all 3 parts PLUS a bonus chapter**

 Andrea Johnston spent her childhood with her nose in a book and a pen to paper. An avid people watcher, her mind is full of stories that yearn to be told. A fan of angsty romance with a happy ending, super sexy erotica and a good mystery, Andrea can always be found with her Kindle nearby fully charged. Andrea lives in Idaho with her family and two dogs. When she isn’t spending time with her partner in crime aka her husband, she can be found binge watching all things Bravo and enjoying a cocktail. Nothing makes her happier than the laughter of her children, a good book, her feet in the water, and cocktail in hand all at the same time. Follow Andrea: Facebook | Website | Sassy Romantics | Nerd Herd | Instagram | Twitter | Amazon

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