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Featured Author: Megyn Ward

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Megyn Ward!!

The Gilroy Clan 

Patrick is every good girl’s dream come true. Funny, sweet and holy-hell hot. He’s the kind of guy who always texts back and chases his neighbor's dog when it gets loose. He enjoys volunteer work and is involved with his community. He's loyal to a fault and loves his mom.
Like I said, he's a good girl's dream come true.
So what’s the problem?
I’m no one’s idea of a good girl.
Good girl or not, I’ve wanted Patrick as long as I’ve known him, but the night we met, he made it perfectly clear that the feeling isn’t mutual.
So we’re friends. Just friends.
True to form, when my life is suddenly turned upside down, Patrick comes to my rescue and offers me a place to live. How do I repay him? I make a bet with our mutual friend, Tess, to use my new roommate status to get him into my bed, by any means necessary.
She says all Patrick needs is a little push.
The last thing I expected was for him to push back.

**Warning** This full-length contemporary romance is intended for mature (18+) audiences only!**
**Patrick and Cari's story concludes in volume 2, Claiming Cari** 
I’m the good Gilroy.
Not the serious one—the control freak who doesn’t know how to smile and had his entire life planned before he was old enough to drink and certainly not the one who runs around sticking his d**k into anything with a pulse.
I’m Patrick Gilroy.
Thoughtful. Considerate. Dependable.
Mr. Nice Guy.
That’s how Cari used to see me.
But that was before.
Before she moved in and made my life a living hell. Made me want things I’d convinced myself I could never have. Things that made me question who I really am.
And how far I’m willing to go to get them.
Because I never wanted to be just her friend. I’ve always wanted more.
A lot more.
Now that she’s pushed me over the edge, she’s going to find out just how much.
Now that I’ve had her, I’m not going to stop until I take it all.
Now I’m going to finish what Cari started.
No more Mr. Nice Guy. 
I'm the Gilroy your mother warned you about.

I'm a simple creature.
I drink. I f*ck. I fight.
If you're looking to do any of those things, I'm down. But I never do the same woman twice so if you're looking for something a little more long term than the time it takes us to both get off then don't blame me when you get hurt because you've been warned.
I'm not a return to the scene of the crime kind of guy.
I like my life. I like my freedom. At least I did. But that was before she came back into my life and ruined it all.
Ruined me.
As much as I want to blame her though, I can't. Because the simple life I've built myself, really isn't simple at all. It's a fortress I've constructed to keep her out. To keep her away because Henley O'Connell is dangerous to me in ways I can't even begin to describe.
A life without her is easier. Cleaner. That's what I keep telling myself and I'll keep saying it, over and over, until I believe it. Because Henley is the only woman I've ever really wanted.
And she's the only woman I can never really have.
Conner Gilroy was my brother’s best friend.

Popular. Smart. Gorgeous. With his cocky grin and perfect family, he was the fantasy of almost every girl I knew, including mine. And for some reason, he wanted me.Me, Henley O’Connell. The ugly bookworm with bright orange hair. Poor white trash with a quick temper and a chip on her shoulder. He confused me and made me angry. He treated me like I was something more than what I was. Like maybe what I wanted wasn’t just a silly fantasy. Like maybe it was real.As much as I wanted to trust him, believe in him, I couldn’t. I pushed him away. I left Boston. Tried to move on without him. Tried to pretend that letting him go wasn’t the single worst mistake of my life.

But now I’m back.

It wasn’t supposed to be forever, It was temporary. A way to find closure. A way to move on. To prove to myself that I was right. That Conner Gilroy forgot about me as soon as I left.That I didn’t break his heart.He isn’t at all who I remember. He’s surly and arrogant. He drinks too much and calls me Daisy. He scares me because one look at him and I know that there is no going back to my perfect life. Eight years later, I still want what he promised me.

I want forever
Declan Gilroy is an assh*le.
Eight years ago, he pushed his way into my life and made himself at home.
Made me believe he was different.
Made me love him.
And then he destroyed me.
Left me.
Broke my heart.
And I’ll never forgive him for it.
I’ve spent the last eight years watching him move on. Live his life like what he did to me meant nothing.
Like I meant nothing.
He might not love me anymore, but he still wants me.
That much I’m sure of.
I can see it in the way he looks at me.
Feel it in the way he kisses me.
I’ve waited eight long years to get even but it’s finally here.
The chance to make him hurt.
To destroy him.
And I’m going to take it.
Even if it destroys me, all over again. 

The Kings of Brighton 


I learned a long time ago that people can’t be trusted.
I have my brothers.
I don’t need anyone else.
Argenta was an anomaly.
A moment of weakness.
In the space of one night, she slipped past every one of my defenses. For one brief, terrifying moment, she had me believing she was different.
That we could be different.
But in the cold light of day, I saw the truth. She was just like the rest.
I sent her away and tried to move on.
But five years later, here she is.
Only her name’s not Argenta, it’s Silver.
Her father is my newest business partner and she is not the person I thought she was.
She pretends not to know me, but I can see it her eyes.
She knows exactly who I am.
And she hates my guts.
That’s too bad because I’ve decided to keep her.
She’s mine.
This time, she’s not going anywhere.

One Night Series

 One night.

A moment a weakness.
I took something I never should’ve been allowed to have.
Claire St. James.
Even though I knew she was too good for me.
Even though I knew if she ever learned the truth about me she’d run, screaming in the other direction.
Even though I knew she and I could never have a future.
She offered me her innocence and I took it.
And then I disappeared without a trace.
I told myself it was better for her this way.
That a girl like her has no business with a guy like me.
That she’d forget about me.
Move on.
Find someone better.
Five years later, I’m still trying to find my way out from under her. Deal with the mountain of mistakes that stood between us.
When I come face to face with her again, I’m not ready.
I’m still broken.
But this is it.
My second chance to get things right between us.
And this time, I’m not walking away.
I’ve always looked out for my little brother. Protected him. Provided for him. Everything he needed. Anything he wanted, by any means necessary. It never mattered what it was or what I had to do to get it because I owe him.
You see, it’s my fault our parents are dead and taking care of him is my penance.
Meeting Briana St. James changed all that.
On the surface she’s vapid and shallow. Your stereotypical girl gone wild… but that’s not who she really is and the more I get to know the real her, the more I start to forget my purpose. That being happy isn’t in the cards for me. That I have a debt to my brother that I can never really repay.
With Briana, I start to think that maybe I can have something for myself. That maybe I deserve something for myself.
Then my kid brother comes along and reminds me that’s a wrong way of thinking.
I didn’t just let Briana go. I pushed her away. Did everything I could to keep her as far away from me as possible but here she is, partying in my club with her friends, like she doesn’t have a care in the world.
It’s her bachelorette party.
And she’s marrying my brother.
It should matter.
It should matter that she’s got my little brother’s ring on her finger but the more I look at her, the closer I get to her, the less I start to care.
The more I start to want her.
Briana St. James was mine first.
And I’m taking her back. 

Paradise Lost Series

Kiley: I only have one goal, to go to Grand Cayman, find the man responsible for destroying my life and make him pay. Everything was working according to plan until Zach stumbled into my world. All dimples, blue eyes, a body straight out of a fantasy… and trouble.
Zach: I didn’t have any goal except to forget the girl who ruined my life. Drinking and f*cking my way through winter break on Grand Cayman seemed like a good plan, until I met Kiley. Blonde, with fiery eyes and a temper to match, all I can think about now is those long legs wrapped around me.
Kiley: Zach stands in the way of me getting everything I’ll ever need. Why does he suddenly seem like the only thing I’ll ever want?
Zach: Having Kiley would mean losing everything I want. But could she be the only thing I’ll ever need? 

Zach: How did I end up here? In love with Kylie, with her flashing blue eyes and fiery spirit, but the very public boy toy of the most famous Celebutante America loves to hate.
Kylie: I had a plan before Zach crashed into my life, all dimples and charm, sexier than hell. He betrayed me in the most public way possible and I hate him for it.
Zach: If I don’t convince America that TV’s reality princess is the love of my life, the producers will destroy Kylie.
Kylie: But I can’t forget how it feels when he touches me. Like the world makes sense. Like I’m not alone anymore. Like maybe, just maybe, he loves me.
Zach: I’ll do anything to protect Kylie. Even if the thing she needs protecting from is me. 

About Megyn Ward:
Megyn Ward lives on coffee, chocolate and more than the occasional glass of red wine.
When she's not spending time with the people who live inside her head, she's raising
her four kids under the relentless Arizona sun and praying for a rainy day.  

Social media links:
Instagram handle: megynward
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Interview With Megyn Ward:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
Sure! I write contemporary romance that ranges from steamy to erotic. My stories center around family and I'm a sucker for a good second-chance romance so that's what I tend to write.
2. What inspires you to write?
I have a really great imagination so what inspires me the most is my characters. They're almost like real people to me so I want to give each of them an epic love story and their happily ever after.
3. How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?
I've written 11 romances that span 4 series. It's hard to pick just one but, to be honest, my favorite is DRIVE. Probably because Jaxon and Claire remind me of me and my husband.
4. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I have 4 kids so grabbing writing time can be tricky sometimes. I try to keep office hours. 10AM-4PM, Monday thru Friday. So, if you see me on Facebook during that time, feel free to tell me to quit messing around and get back to work.
5. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it?
Writer's block is the worst. If I'm struggling, I'll close up shop for the day, get into my comfy clothes, pour myself a glass of wine and veg out in front of the TV. My brain is constantly working. I'm constantly thinking about my characters and their stories. Sometimes I just need to stop thinking and enjoy myself, so wine and a Supernatural marathon are the perfect cure.

6. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I have the perfect writing spot! It's actually a 500 square foot tiny home we converted into my writing studio. We call it my writing cave.
7. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose?
Paris, hands down. I have family there so it would be nice to see them again.
8. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
So many! I'm getting ready to drop DESTROYING DECLAN, book 5 in my series, The Gilroy Clan. After that is my Christmas novella, KEEPING KRISTMAS and MR. WRONG, which is part of the ILLICIT boxed set, set to release in February of 2019.

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