Monday, October 22, 2018

Monster Mash Book Blitz Countdown Day 7

Catina worked her way through college as a TV reporter and a dating game show host. She's a sucker for Young Adult romance stories (both real and make-believe). She has a panache for match-making and loves that many of her "set-ups" have resulted in marriages. 

After spending most of her adult life in Las Vegas, Catina traded in tumbleweeds for earthquakes and now lives with her husband and four children near San Diego, California. If she's not home, chances are you can find her at the beach, Disneyland or In-N-Out Burger.

Angela Larkin writes clean teen romance and is a big fan of kissing (in life and in books). She's been a gold miner, a pool cleaner, a mannequin dresser, and a teacher. She's lived a true romance: meeting her husband in a case of mistaken identity. They recently moved with their four children from the sparkling city of Las Vegas to the shade of the North Carolina Pines. Chances are, she's reading past bedtime.

True love doesn't always mean a happy ending. Presley and Landon finally have a chance at a real relationship when they travel back in time, but their leap backward to two months before his accident has altered reality: Landon has no memory of Presley. 

Hurt and lonely, Presley is still determined to save his life, even as Landon's death-date looms. He's alive for now, but nothing is like it was . . . Before.


“Why don’t we just start from the beginning, bud,” my mom says. “But before we do, I just want to say that your dad and I are worried that the pressure is getting to you. You’ve just come off the X Games. The Olympics are around the corner. Nobody would blame you if you need a break. You’re more important to us than any of this.”
          My dad cuts in, “Son, we want you to be happy, so if you want out, we can pull the plug today.”
          A lump swells in my throat. I know how much my career has meant to my dad. He got me my first set of skis when I was two. All of the months and years we’ve spent on the slopes. All the places we’ve traveled. Sacrifices he’s made to make my dreams happen. And now, just like that, he’s willing to let it all go because he’s worried about me.

          Could it be the pressure? Could the stress be causing me to imagine things that aren’t real or forget things that are? That doesn’t feel right.

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  1. Its so wonderful to meet both of you and looking forward to reading more about you both.