Thursday, February 15, 2018

Review of Slow Burn by Sarah King

When passion ignites, there's no fighting it...

Five years ago, an impossible decision led to Ell leaving her home. Time and distance haven't helped her forget, and now a tragedy has brought her back. The ghosts of her past suddenly collide with the very real man standing in front of her. Blake still makes her knees weak, but can she push through the guilt she feels to finally find her chance at happiness?

Five years ago, she broke his heart by leaving. Blake has never forgotten Ell or the way she felt in his arms that night. When she comes home, he realizes that this is his chance. Possibly his only chance. Now he just needs to convince her that sometimes love can rise from the ashes.

Will they fight for each other or watch their second chance go up in flames?

**Contains adult language and content.  Recommended for readers 18+**

Oh man oh man what a story!!! This book had everything. I cried tears of happiness, tears of sadness and then repeated them over and over. I love Ell and Blake. I really was rooting for them. And I totally understood Ell's actions and why she did and does the things she does. My heart broke for both Ell and Blake. Blake, oh Blake, he is without a doubt oh so swoon worthy. I read this book in one sitting. Started it and just couldn't stop. This is my second book from this author and I can say without a doubt that it will not be my last. Her writing just gets better and better.


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