Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Release Blitz for Ready, Set, Romance! by Renee Dyer

Ready, Set, Romance! by Renee Dyer is available now!
Series: A Ready Set Novel

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Trope: Vacation Romance, Billionaire Romance

Mateo Romero is living the dream as a beach attendant on the turquoise waters of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, helping families get the most of their vacations by day and rescuing kids in need by night. The last thing he expects is to meet Darby Benson, an uptight tourist who has the audacity to call him a stalker. Everywhere he goes, she’s there—either in distress or starting trouble.  He should steer clear, but something about her draws him in. Her snide remarks infuriate him, but when she smiles, he forgets why he ever found her irritating in the first place. And he can’t have that—it goes against his first rule: “no getting involved with tourists.”

 Darby Benson, destination wedding extraordinaire, never expected she would still be unmarried at thirty-four years old. She didn’t imagine her boyfriend of twelve years would ask her to plan a romantic getaway for two only to propose to her assistant. Yet, here she is, single, on vacation alone, trying to avoid her ex and his new fiancĂ©e. To make matters worse, she keeps running into Mateo Romero, a local who seems hell-bent on sticking his nose in her business. Everywhere she turns, Mateo is there, offering advice, stepping in where he isn’t needed, being far too sexy for anyone’s good.

Annoyance shifts to flirtation, and eventually, they can’t deny their attraction. Darby worries she’s being set up for her next heartbreak. Mateo is ready to give her his heart. If they can get on the same page, their romance could be one to last a lifetime.

Ready, Set, Romance! is a great read. Chapter One started with a bang; what Darby thought was going to happen was not what happened. I felt terrible for her. After what Aaryn did to her, I thought she would be broken and miserable, but Darby is a strong woman who picked up the pieces and forged forward. I loved Dravy's sassy, spunk, and drive. She's a great character. She decides to enjoy her vacation alone. She meets Mateo. These two don't get along very well at first. Mateo has had a bad relationship from which he's still feeling guilt, and he's looking for a relationship. There's tension between them, and either one wants to fall for the other. I loved reading this story and seeing the walls they had built slowly go down. This one is a must-read.
5 Stars!!


Born and raised in New Hampshire, Renee Dyer spent much of her youth hidden under a weeping willow, writing and whispering her stories to its wispy branches.  She soon began sharing them with friends and family, and this crazy thing happened: they enjoyed them.  Entertaining others filled her heart, in the same way, sharing her stories with the willow tree did. Having an audience unlocked her desire to be a writer.  Today, she lives that dream and the joy it brings with her husband and sons.

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