Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Series Blitz for The Preacher's Daughter Duet by Melissa Adams

The Preacher's Daughter Duet
Author: Melissa Adams
Genre: New Adult Romance
Tropes: Enemies to Lovers/Reverse Harem


The unfuckable Preacher’s daughter.
Four devastatingly handsome windsurfing champions.
And the game that changed their lives forever.

Back in school Ausra was forced to act the good girl, with her conservative clothes and her head always down. Everyone laughed at her, even the four popular brothers. She hated them for it.

But high school is over, and when they meet again, a lot of things have changed including Ausra . The brothers hardly recognize her and they love a challenge.
The rules are simple: their plaything needs to know what she’s in for and needs to agree to play.
Will this transformed preacher’s daughter be up for it? And what happens when more than bodies are in play?

Do Ausra and the 4 beach gods stand a chance at love or will the reach of her father, the preacher, taint and destroy everything?

Warning: this book is part of a duet and ends in a cliffhanger. This is a why choose story where the heroine won’t have to choose between her different love interests and has sexual scenes, swearing and mild violence. Suitable only for readers aged 18+



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I’m The Preacher’s Daughter and they’re four beach gods. My windsurfing champions.
Our game was supposed to have no strings attached but against all odds—I care.

We’re all new at relationships and my father and his church aren’t the only thing threatening to tear us apart. Secrets and rivalries, old and new, are driving a wedge between us, but staying together isn’t only what we want—it’s what we need.

Dad is determined to bring me back into the fold, where women are seen as nothing more than men’s property, and I’m determined to be free. Will I be able to save myself and the men who own my heart?

Warning: this book is the conclusion of a duet and ends in a HEA.
*However readers be warned that while Ausra’s story will come to a conclusion, the book will end on a mini-cliffhanger that will be the beginning of Lynda’s story and her own duet The Preacher’s Wife.
** This book contains triggering situations with extreme violence, trauma, abuse and PTSD. It also contains sexual scenes and this duet is a whychoose story, so Ausra won’t have to choose between her love interests.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Melissa Adams is from the UK but was born in Italy and grew up between the two countries. She’s now UK based and her day job is connected her other huge passion after writing and reading: flying. She lived in the US and got herself a super hot Yankee husband who followed her back to Europe.

Her obsessions: Yorkshire terriers and Norse gods!

She’s often heard saying that she never trusts people who don’t love animals.

Her passions have been reading and writing from an early age and her first adventure in writing was in journalism.

Melissa’s stories focus on the romance, on character development and on the sensual aspect of love. Summer romance is her absolute first love but every story she writes has a mystery twist because life is nothing but a mystery.

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