Friday, September 3, 2021

Release Blitz for An Insatiable Eventide by TK Cherry

Aimee craves Devin at night, but he’s the enemy. Neither are looking for love, but the two are unexpectedly matched on a kinky hookup app. What should be some no-strings-attached fun, could turn into something more. Readers who enjoy humorous and sexy reads with suspenseful moments, will love An Insatiable Eventide by TK Cherry, an enemies to lovers, erotic romance.



As a nurse, I swore an oath to help, not harm, which I take very seriously. However, I’d make an exception for Holt. My cousin’s cheating ex is a vile human being, an utter waste of oxygen. 

His brother is... another matter. 

One look at Devin and I’m fighting the urge to lose my inhibitions and my panties. I know it’s insane. Yet I can’t help but wonder if a little no-strings-attached fun might be just what the doctor ordered... 


I know I’m not Aimee’s type, and not just because of her deep loathing for my brother. She’s willing to go toe-to-toe with me, and I am irresistibly drawn to her fiery demeanor. 

Then, to my utter astonishment, we are matched on a kinky hookup app. 

Could it be the uptight nurse has a freak flag she’s looking to fly? I’m down for any dirty fun she’s up for... as long as she doesn’t expect a ring in the end.

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Copyright 2021 @TK Cherry

Twenty minutes into our back and forth over roleplaying, we near the bottom of our second round of drinks. I’m warm all over, and not from the alcohol.

“Let’s discuss what’s exactly on the menu,” he murmurs.

God—why does he turn me on so much?! Am I going to be able to leave here tonight in one piece?

“I’m not hungry. I told you, I already ate,” I sass, playing stupid like he had earlier. Playfully, I toss my hair off my shoulder and arch my back. His eyes turn dark, and I feel myself pooling between my thighs.

You’re fucking me up, dude…

“You know what, Brooks? You’re hot as hell and you know it.”

“The same can be said about you.”

“You ready to start a fuckship with me?”

I frown. “A fuckship?”

“A monogamous relationship that only consists of fucking.”

“I don’t know,” I utter with a smirk. “I’ve already been in one of those for about six years.”

“I’m pretty sure you went into it expecting something else. You’ll know exactly what this is between us from the jump. No more games. Only orgasms.”

Holy shit, I’ve never had a man give it to me straight like that before. It’s such a turn on.

Devin takes out his phone and awakens it. “Let’s get back to the topic of the menu. I made a few notes. How about we agree to have ten initial encounters.”

“Ten?” I squint. “Why ten?”

“I figured it’s a good number for us to reassess if we want to continue on.”

“That’s fair.”

“Let’s take turns choosing the scene. You’ll pick five, I’ll pick five.”

“I’m good with that.”

“Limits… What are yours?” He brings his drink to his mouth and finishes it.

“None,” I answer succinctly. 

Devin aspirates, triggering a coughing fit. As a medical professional, I shouldn’t be smiling at his expense, but I am. He takes several moments to get it under control. “Come on,” he rasps, clearing his throat. “Everyone has limits. Here’s mine: I don’t want a dildo up my ass.”

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” I volley. His answering look tells me I’m flustering him, which causes me to fight back a smile.

“Look, freak… I don’t even know you in that way yet. Baby steps.”

“Fine.” Party pooper.

“Our safe word is Ohio.”

“Ohio?” I snort.

“It’s the scariest word I could come up with.”

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About TK Cherry 

You can take the girl out of Detroit, but you'll never take Detroit out of this girl.
For TK Cherry, it's pop—not soda, and Tim Hortons over everything else.
Born and raised in The Motor City, TK now enjoys little or no winters in the Carolinas. By day, she's a spreadsheet whiz and frequent flyer. By night, she lives for keeping her loyal readers on the edge of their seats with steamy tales of happily ever after.

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