Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Release Blitz for Million Miles Off by Alice Bane

Title: Million Miles Off
Series: Million Miles #2
Author: Alice Bane
Publisher: VisualBee Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance/Suspense
Trailer Design: aLone (x Mahlow x Mauko)
Release Date: October 20, 2020


Just when I was destined to start a new life, a new beginning, with Korin.
Endearingly awkward Korin.
Nathan, my loathsome ex-boyfriend, just stomped all over my happily ever after.

Exes are exes for a reason, they say. They belong in the past. Yeah… Try telling that to Nathan Hanway. He has quite literally put me in a place I’d rather not be.
A high-security facility with as many dark, nebulous secrets as hallways. Surrounded by people with shifty eyes. I’m forced to endure the impossible, under his supervision.
Thing is, I don’t have time. I’m sort of running against a biological clock. I need to get out of here before the colossal sacrifice I’ve made goes to complete and utter waste.

I despise you, Nathan, I really do.






Script 24923.135: 
“You wake up like it’s any other day of the week. You get ready for work. You scarf down a handful of berries, nuts, and lemon water. Pancakes or anything remotely processed hasn’t been an option all year. You’d get sick from even a lick of syrup. The doctors are confounded, haven’t been able to come up with a diagnosis yet. Oh well, at least you get to stay in shape. 
Like always, you log in at work, the OSA, on time. Such a good girl. You start your task with your colleagues, well, friends. Laura, a fireball of fun, yet also the amazing friend that would break into your house to save your sick ass and take you to the hospital just because you ate one cheese puff. The other friend being Abiola, the sweet pragmatic one who keeps you grounded. 
You’re sleepy. You head to the sleep pods to take a mid-day nap. A handsome face slips in through the darkness behind your eyelids. 
An abduction… You brush it off as an abnormal dream and head back to work. You don’t know this at the time, but he’s a catalyst. Another one. He changes your life forever. 
Every day, the life you have built for yourself drifts further away, a reality that becomes meaningless in exchange for a love that feeds into your new reality. A love that rips apart your loneliness. 
You’re dealt a new card. 
A surprise baby. No, not his, but one of his doing. Make a choice. 
A, die to give life; or B, be reborn to give birth. Or C, abort.” 
“Okay. You’ve decided to be transformed into an alien… right. 
You unofficially marry the handsome Korin, and he plans to take you to your new home planet Miez, where he’ll make a pretty little home for you. A garden, with exotic flowers. A quaint art studio with windows that overlook a waterfall… 
You’re dealt a new card. 
You’re right at the doorstep of your new life, a bright interstellar portal a million miles away from Earth. You watch as hovering guards arrest and take Korin away as you are dragged in the opposite direction. A former catalyst. A former lover cuts your happily ever after short, before it has even started. In the upcoming days, you’re due to wake up in a cell on Earth. In a new body, with potential powers that would make the toughest human shudder. But you’re trapped. 
Make a choice. 
A, opt in; or B, opt out. 
Note: no matter the choice you make, remember this… We all think we’re free.” 

Chapter One 

Just magical. 
I exhaled, thoughtfully trying to relax my muscles as the stinging sensation of each needle greeted my skin. Though I had my eyes shut, I tilted my head ever so slightly and blinked. I refused to let the tears gathering at the corners of my eyes fall. 
“Clench your right fist,” a nurse disrupted my seething. 
I did what she instructed without much thought. I couldn’t give a crap about what was happening around me. All I could think of was hate, in its purest form. Up until this point, I had conceptualized it, bottled it up and shelved it in the corner of my mind. I had no idea how heavy it would feel coursing through my blood.


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Alice Bane holds a BSc and a voracious interest in all things extra-terrestrial. Self-identifying as a citizen of the universe, she has opted to travel the cosmos through her words. Million Miles Away is her debut Sci-Fi Romance novel.


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