Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Featured Author: Scarlet Le Clair

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Scarlet Le Clair!!

All the Kings Men

Overrun. Outnumbered. They fight so others have a chance to live.

Balin, leader of the Kings army has an impossible task. He and his men need to hunt and kill all the paranormal vermin that have invaded their land, putting the good people who live there in danger. They have a duty to ensure the safety and security of the land and all it’s people. 

But no plan survives first contact and Balin is seperated from his men. Alone and in enemy territory he realises things are much worse than he thought. Paranormals haven’t just invaded, they own the land now. 

Facing down his own death in the wilds, he must team up with an unlikely ally to survive. But will that alliance just give him the means to return home, or will it change his view of the world and its inhabitants?


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It's the start of a Zombie Apocalypse. George and his family did as instructed by their government, securing their home and await the day they will be saved. But their rations are running low and it would seem that no one is coming to help. Desperate, George leaves his family and heads out to find supplies and hopefully someone to help him and his family. What was supposed to be a few hours of searching, ends up with him being held captive by a local gang leader by the name of Deacon.
Now, not only does George face down zombies he must also fight humans. With the safety of his family on the line, he's forced to stay away. Till the day he can escape, his family must survive without him. And so begins the long road home for George, but with multiple enemies in his path, will he make it back in time to save his family or will he lose the battle against the zombies and humans both vying to destroy him.

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As the Zombie Apocalypse engulfs and consumes the population,
George and his new found family of misfits and refugees continue to survive, securing their compound home and awaiting the day they can reconnect with a normal humanity. But George will never really be able to forget his devastating loss of his wife and precious children.

With the survivors medical supplies running low and some insider knowledge from the camps Doctor as to the location of the valuable medical needs, it's up to George and his loyal friends to venture out into the horrific wilderness of the post apocalyptic landscape in order to retrieve what they need.

Without thought for their own safety, the crew encounter
multiple enemies in their path, but their battle against the zombies is not the only one they have to endure. There are also many humans who would plot to destroy the safe haven George and military have been able to secure for the small band of survivors.

Now it's time for George to continue on the long road ahead.

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 Elman España is a successful events planner in New York City with an eye for the ladies. Life is sweet until he meets Riley, a flame haired beauty, who makes the tastiest food in the city. They share a heated moment and from that point forward, his mind is consumed with visions of Riley. He's never believed in love at first sight but that is all changed by the red head, but Riley is married, off limits and for once he can't have what he craves. The denial is enough to drive him to drink, knowing that he is the far better option for her and not her dead beat, abusive husband.
Will the fiery red head submit to his advances? Will he get the girl?


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IG: scarlet_le_clair

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