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Featured Author: Michelle Geel

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Michelle Geel!!

Finding a Keeper

Brenna Palmer has everything she wants in life: a dream job as a PA for the CEO at Thornsten Industries, and amazing friends. The only thing still missing is Mr. Right.

Then she stares into the mesmerizing hazel eyes of delicious Gabriel Burke, and she is hopelessly ensnared by his cocky charm. Gabe is a sexual master who knows exactly how to entice her surrender. He’s also a millionaire, a ladies’ man, and a dedicated bachelor.

Brenna resists him—there’s no way she’ll live up to the high-caliber women he pursues and she simply doesn’t have the time to reform him. But Gabe won’t give up so easily. He offers her a compromise: she can continue searching for Mr. Right, but as long as her heart remains unclaimed, she’s his to ravish.

It’s a perfect arrangement, until Mr. Right finally does come along. And when he does, Brenna finds herself in a worse predicament, since Gabe has a hold on her that she just can’t let go of.

There is no moral dilemma. She knows what the right thing is to do. It’s just … why the hell does it feel so very wrong?

About Michelle Geel:
Michelle Geel is an erotic romance author who adores breaking hearts as much as she loves putting them back together. The best relationships are passionate, and so her stories well support her motto of ‘Love isn’t just perfumed flower petals and sparkly rainbows’. She lives in South Africa where she juggles a daytime position, a husband, two teenagers, too many pets, and a barrage of characters by night. Her NSFW sense of humor is unrelenting, but she's content that some default settings are meant to last.

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Interview With Michelle Geel:

  1. Can you tell us a little about your book?
Brenna Palmer almost has everything she’s ever wanted - a dream job and amazing friends. All that's still missing is Mr. Right, who she’s actively on the lookout for. So much so that her friends have deemed her to become boring and they playfully threaten her with an escort so she can let loose. Dare to break free, her bestie, Beth, challenges. On her birthday, she mistakes gorgeous Gabriel Burke, thinking him the arranged escort her crazy friends had followed through with. Lost in his mesmerizing hazel eyes and not about to prove her friends right – that she’s no fun -, she gives in. It’s just going to be one night of wild abandon, right?
When the mistaken identity comes to light the next day, she finds that he’s actually a millionaire, a ladies’ man, and worst of all - a determinedly dedicated bachelor. Despite the sexual magnetism they share, Brenna has no intention of wasting her time in trying to have him change his ways and does her utmost to resist his relentless advances. Until Gabe makes a proposal: She continues searching for Mr. Right, but as long as her heart remains unclaimed, she’s his to ravish. It’s an offer she simply can’t refuse.
It’s a seemingly perfect arrangement, until Mr. Right does come along – much sooner than either of them anticipated. There is no moral dilemma. She knows what the right thing is to do. It’s just … why does it feel so very wrong?
When all is said and done, Brenna will be sure of one thing: When you make a deal with the devil, always know that the price is much more than just your soul. After all, she dearly pays when she’s dragged through hell and back… more than once.
  1. When did you know you wanted to write a book? 
Writing has always been in my blood, although I only seriously started with novels about 4 years ago. With having a full-time position and often finding myself in various stages of studies, I did not want to attempt writing a full novel while I still felt that I did not have adequate time to do it justice by giving it my absolute best. Finding a keeper is my first published novel, but it is by no means my first book. I’ve carried Brenna and Gabe’s story with me for over 20 years, and I’m elated to finally have it completed and available for others’ enjoyment.
  1. How did you choose the genre you write in?
To be quite honest, it completely depends on my characters. Although I’m still new to the writing world, I don’t intend to box myself into only one genre. Besides the erotic romance, I’ve also written a women’s fiction romance which I’ll publish once I’m satisfied with the editing. I also have two YA/NA storylines I’d like to explore, but I have as yet not started writing on either.
  1. Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured?
I’m probably like any other author. I’ll write anywhere and any time, and I always have a pen and notebook near when I don’t have my laptop with me. After I get home from work at around 6pm or so, it’s family time. I’m immensely blessed to have a hubby who helps out a lot, especially with supper-time (he’s an amazing cook!). I’m usually free to start doing book-related things (advertising, editing, answering emails) anytime from about 8pm and then I move over to writing and I’ll keep at it until around 3am or so before I drag myself to bed. Then it’s up at 6:30 again to start a new day. (Yes, I sometimes do take 15-min powernaps at work in lieu of taking a coffee break. lol)
  1.  Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?
I usually have a glass of soda on standby (Pepsi Max or Mountain Dew are my faves) and sometimes my hubby or son will surprise me with a Cappucino. I adore crisps, but try not to have them while working as it impacts my writing time (I don’t want an oily keyboard and I have to keep wiping my hands when I indulge).
  1. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I have a few spots around the house and I rotate, always migrating to the less noisy one.
  1. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
Gosh, this one is tough, but I’d go with Psychic powers. I’d like to be able to read people’s minds and enjoy Telekinesis.
  1. What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I’m rotating between about 4 or so manuscripts, writing on whichever as the urge strikes me. I’m very in tune with my emotions and so I use every opportunity to tap into that to bring authenticity to my writing. My WIP’s are: one Arch Enemies to Lovers, one Best Friends to Lovers and two Second Chance love stories – all erotic romance.

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