Thursday, July 28, 2016

Featured Author: Natalie Barnes

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Natalie Barnes!!!

Everything I Want
I’m standing here in complete darkness. Static fills my ears and all I hear is the muffled sound of the chanting and screaming of the crowd. I can hear my own heart beating in my ears. I don’t know whether to laugh, yell, cry, scream, or even puke. I’m completely frozen. Everything plays out around me and I know it’s time. The panic inside me slowly fades away and adrenaline starts pumping heated blood through my veins.

Instead of feeling weak, I begin to feel strong. Looking over my shoulder, I notice him.


He’s watching me intently. Tristan is the misery I crave. He’s probably waiting for me to fuck up. Yes, I’m nervous as hell, but I won’t let him see it, or feed off of it. No . . . this time I will starve him, and show everyone here what I can do.

The shadow of my smile releases the last of the fear. I glance back at him one more time. He’s still standing there, like a statue. Stepping to edge, I know now what can break him. Tonight, I’ll risk everything … 
Everything I Need
 Some who see me, see that I'm a rock star. Others see me just by my appearance...or my talent. But one woman, just one, saw past all that. Even when I dragged her through the f*cking dirt she got back up and dusted herself off. Her blue eyes pierced right through me, weakening me. Her voice soothed, calmed me. She riled me up and got me going, then slammed on the brakes.

Then I f*cked everything up...

I hate everything right now, but I really wish I could hate her. It would make things so much fucking easier if I could.

But I cant... I'm f*cking in love with her.

Everything I Have
 I fucked up.

This wasn't supposed to happen, not now, not ever! I think? Shit. I don't
know what to think anymore.

These last two years have turned my life upside down.
Right when I finally
think I have everything going exactly
how I want it, something always fucking
happens. But this something is not so
easily forgotten. Part of me wishes it
could be, but the other...wants this
more than anything. I have never been
so scared in my entire life as I am
right now.

I feel so alone.

He won't want this. He won't want me.
But what if?
What fucking if? He does...

Tristan, I'd give this part of me for


About Natalie Barnes:
Amazon International Bestselling Author Natalie Barnes writes with a wicked desire to push her readers to a provocative edge.

When asked how she comes up with the gripping, heartfelt madness to how she writes,
"They like to jam out for awhile before they let me know what's going on." ~Natalie Barnes
Book teasers and excerpts can be found on her website and her facebook page.

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