Monday, July 25, 2016

Release Blitz for Revelations: Confessions of a Dirty Girl by T.S. Irons

Title: Revelations: Confessions of a Dirty Girl
Author: T.S. Irons
Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense 
 Release Date: July 25, 2016


I lead a charmed life on the Upper East Side of New York with a doting daddy who adored me.

Then one day it all came to a screeching halt. I escaped the only life I had known. In a new town with a new identity and no friends, I had two choices—wallow in pity or embrace my new life and the possibilities it could bring me. With the FBI in pursuit, I decided to stop worrying about things I had no control over.

I was free from the proper, privileged life I had lived. I was also free of a very boring, uptight boyfriend whose idea of sex was five minutes in missionary position followed by a shower to clean himself off. Now I could take a journey and follow my own sexual urges.

It was all fun and games until Patrick Shannon showed up with a beer and pizza and wanted to talk, which lead to him spending the night. As feelings brewed beneath the surface and the FBI closed in, I grew anxious. Should I take a chance with Shannon, who pissed me off just as much as he excited me? Or should I flee the man I was falling for to stay one step ahead of the FBI?

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“What do you want, Shannon?” I asked through the closed door.

“You dropped your drivers license on the floor. I thought it be best if I brought it over since I don’t have your phone number to give you a call.”

“Shit,” I repeated as I removed the safety chain and unlocked the door knob. Slowly I opened the door, just a sliver, and peered out into the hall.

Shannon laughed. “Do you want me to slip it through the crack?”

He was referring to the driver’s license, but I had far dirtier thoughts on my mind.

I pulled the door wide open and gave Shannon the once over. He did the same thing to me. The short satin robe hit mid thigh, barely covering my private parts. I held out my palm, waiting for him to hand over the license.

Shannon swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple visibly bobbing, then he wet his lips. “Well, here you go.”

“You didn’t have to come over to drop this off,” I announced with an edge in my voice. I took a deep breath to calm down and then softly said, “Thank you.”

“Like I said, I didn’t have your number.”

“Got your phone on you?” I asked.

Shannon pulled the phone out of his pocket. I took it and punched in my contact info. Handing it back with a smile I said, “Now you have my number.”

“I best be getting back. See you around, Amber.” He turned on his heel and headed down the steps.

I closed and locked the door. Leaning back, I banged her head against the door in frustration. Perfect opportunity wasted, I thought to myself. With a sigh, I threw the driver’s license on the small table nearby that held my keys and purse.

The sound of someone banging on the front door made me jump. “Jesus Christ,” I muttered turning around to through the peep hole again. It was Shannon. I unlocked and opened the door again.

“I forgot something,” he said, pushing his way into the apartment and closing the door behind him. With one fluent move, he pushed me up against the wall and ravished my mouth. His lips crashing down upon me hard, his tongue seeking entrance between my lips. I opened up and he assaulted my mouth. He sucked on my tongue, which only made me moan with delight. When he released me, I bit down on his bottom lip, causing a deep growl to escape the back of his throat.

I grabbed T-shirt with Shannon’s Irish Pub emblazoned on the front and pulled it over his head. Then I reached for the belt of his black shorts and unbuckled it. The shorts slipped low on his hips and I could see the muscular V of his obliques and a tuft of wiry brown hair that started just below his below the button and trailed down. His erection was evident and he wasted no time taking my hand and gliding it over its hardness though the fabric. The move only made Shannon moan louder.

He grabbed the red satin tie that held my robe closed and yanked it free, then he placed his hands on my shoulders and slid the robe off my body until it fell to the floor. Shannon stood there for moment and examined my naked body. He took in the perfectly polished toe nails and worked his way up my long luscious legs, smiled when he reached my waxed pussy. Then he admired my flat stomach and spent a little extra time ogling my firm breast and pert rosy nipples. His eyes lingered over my plump lips, swollen from his desperate kisses before finally landing on my green eyes.

“I’ve wanted to see you naked the first time I laid eyes on you,” he said in a low sexy voice.

“Like what you see?” I flirted back.

A hum of satisfaction slipped from his lips.

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Author Bio

T.S. Irons likes all things smutty! She loves lingerie, sexy movies and hot reads.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her sexy husband and their crazy dog.

Her published works include Stepdaddy Dom (Step-Dom), Sibling Rivalry and My Wicked Stepsister.

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