Friday, August 28, 2015

Release Day Blitz for Quiet Country by Colbie Kay

QC Cover front

“Quiet Country”
By Colbie Kay
Release Date: 8.28.15
Cover Photo: Shutter Stock & Dollar Photo Club
Cover Design: Jersey Girl Graphics

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Bear is the Enforcer for the Satan's Sinners. Coming from a
troubled past he lives his life day to day.
He loves his money, women,
and most of all the club. To him that was all that mattered,
until he met her. Bear always gets what he
wants now he's set out to get her.
Will he be able to break her walls and win her?
Jacey's a doctor with secrets. She has her whole
life planned out, but Bear goes against it all. She
had set out to find the truth about her past.
When her plan falls apart will she let
him pick up the pieces?
You met them in City Lights now find out
what happened in their story.
This book can be read as a standalone with an HEA.


It felt so good, unbelievably good. I can still feel her wet cunt strangling my cock. Goddamn, she was so fucking tight, clenching and throbbing around me. Fuck, I can still taste her in my mouth, so sweet and salty. God. Outta all the women I've been with, it has never been like that. Her cunt, her smell, her taste, and her mouth, all of it bliss, total fucking perfection. I didn't lie when I said I'm not the good guy. It just goes to show, because I'd do it all over again without a second thought, just to feel her wrapped around me again. I overreacted, I know that, but it took me by surprise. Now I gotta figure out how to fix it, and I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do. She probably never wants to see me again, but I gotta talk to her about what happened. Once I fix it, I can get in that pussy again. I'll show her just what she’s been missing out on.

  EXCERPT # 2 

 She pulls away from me, hops off the tailgate, and starts walking off. "You don't mean that, and I don't. You’re wrong, you don't even know me!” she all but yells at me. About that time the rain really starts coming down. I run up to her and grab her arm, spinning her around, making her look at me. I've never seen Jacey look more beautiful -- her hair is lying flat to her head, soaking wet strands sticking to her face, and her makeup leaves black streaks down her cheeks. "Quit runnin' from me, goddammit! Fuck! All you gotta do is let me in, shit. Why can't you just admit that you have feelings for me? Why do you have to play all these fuckin' games? I don't know shit because you won't fuckin' tell me!” She screams back at me. "I can't Bear! I’ve told you that! I don't even know what to believe anymore. You make me think everything I know is wrong. This isn't the life I was supposed to have! I can't do this, we can't do this anymore. We were just supposed to be fucking!” "It’s passed the just fuckin' stage! That shit passed a long time ago Jacey, and you fuckin' know it." "No! Not for me, it didn’t. I wanna go home! Take me home now." “This is the last fuckin' time, you remember this. I bet you think about me just as much as I think about you. I bet when you try and move on from me, you can't do it because you’re gonna wish it was me. Just like I would with you, just like I try to do. I can tell you however many times I fuckin' want this will be the last time, but we both know I can't fuckin' leave you alone, no matter how hard I try." Gripping my hair in frustration I continue on. "Why do you have to do this to me, play these fuckin' games, and lie to me?" I point at her. "I bet when you go to let another man inside you, you’re gonna wish it was my cock, just like no matter what pussy I'm in, it’ll always be yours I'm thinkin' about." "How do you know I haven't already been with someone else?"

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About the Author
Colbie Kay is from Kansas. She is married with 3 children. By day she works in a nursing facility and by night she writes. She has always been an avid reader who enjoyed a good story, but was too nervous to take the next step into the world of writing. With the support from family & friends Colbie decided to explore the world of writing.
With the courage from others and the excitement of her stories she hit publish on her debut book in March 2015.
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