Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Featured Author: Linda L Picl


Everyone felt sorry for Carrie Lawson. She was a sweet woman who had nothing but a deadbeat husband and a dream of a writing career. Happiness was something she had to fight for but when she met Logan Franks, a local firefighter, her love life b
ecame a whole lot warmer until her very existence was almost snuffed out by a person she thought she’d never see again.
Logan Franks is hot, and not just in looks. Being a volunteer firefighter doesn’t just mean being on a calendar or turning girls on…it’s dangerous work. Sometimes you have to go in and save everyone, sometimes even your worst enemy. But Logan is above all that, he will save everyone he can.
He and Carrie will fight for a life together, no matter what, even if the chances are high it will all blow up in their faces.


He knew the exhaustion was finally hitting her, “Yes it is but for tonight that’s enough information. You’ve been through hell let me take you home to get some rest. Your staying with me tonight, I can’t be away from you any longer.”

“I can’t be away from you either. I want to be in your arms all evening, if that’s okay with you. And for the record if that man is really my dad, thank you. But let’s leave all this until tomorrow. I’ll deal with it then.”
She hugged him close feeling safer in that moment then any other time in her life.
The walk through the woods with Flash between them was silent, they said nothing and they reveled in the fact that they were still alive and together. The relief he felt that she made it through her ordeal was all he needed.
Arm in arm they entered his cabin, past the kitchen, living room and straight to the bedroom. This wasn’t something they had to discuss. It was what they both wanted, to be with each other. No more games, no phone calls or doubting themselves in the dark. Before they knew it, they were under the covers.
His kisses started in the woods and didn’t stop. He needed her and waiting any longer was impossible for him now. She returned his kisses, digging her fingers into his back as if he were about to disappear and she had to hold onto him forever.
“I love you Carrie, I’ve needed you for so long, and even before I knew you I knew you were out there for me. Please love me tonight and always.”
“I love you too , I don’t know why I was such an idiot. Keeping you away was the most self-destructive thing I’ve ever done. You’re so good for me. Please always love me.”
“I need you to be mine now.” He whispered. Understanding exactly what he needed she rolled on top of him bringing him to heaven faster than he’d ever thought possible.The next day…

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