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Feautred Author: L. Ann Marie

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MC: Callahan
L. Ann Marie

Tiny has lived a rough life.

Born to a drug addicted mother and an absentee father, his mother had plenty of company--not all of it good for a young boy. He's spent his entire adult life in the MC--He knows no other way.

Nancy lived with an elderly aunt when her parents died. When her aunt saw Tiny for the first time, she threw her out. Wanting nothing to do with her young niece from that moment on, Nancy had no options.

When Tiny finds his old lady in Nancy he doesn’t talk about her or advertise how much she means to him for fear of losing her to a Brother without the same commitment values that he has.

But all her life, Nancy has wanted a family. Finally convincing Tiny he would make a good father, Nancy gets her baby. Married for almost eighteen years, Tiny works hard to keep Nancy happy in her life and with him. They share a love for the MC’s kids, but still Nancy demands more. When she heard the group home needed parents she started thinking of a way to convince Tiny they’d be perfect for the job.

All the talk shows in the world can’t help Tiny out of this one.

*Content Warning: includes graphic language and adult sexual situations. Intended for mature audiences 18+

PG-13 Excerpt:

“How come the school didn’t call?” I ask Billy. He shrugs, making me irate. They should have called. What the hell are they thinking? I get a bag of corn from the freezer and hold it to his face. “What happened?”
“It was the bullies from my grade again, they got him at lunch. By the time the Little Brothers saw them he was already on the floor,” José says. “I wish I had their lunch, I could sit with them so they’re not alone.”
Jason raises his hand as if he’s still in school. I nod to him. “They said they’ll be back tomorrow. Can we bring our lunch?”
I look at him. “You sit alone at lunch? I thought all the Little Brothers and Sisters sat together?”
Billy fist pumps, drawing my attention. “We can sit with them?” He’s smiling, which looks pathetic with his bruised cheek and eye.
I push his hand up, putting the corn back on his face. “Of course, you should be sticking together. The Little Brothers will make sure you’re taken care of. Why weren’t you sitting with them?”
José looks down. “I always sit with them, but Claire thought they were a bad influence.” That freakin’ woman!
“You sit with them every damn day from now on, no excuses! You got me? You are not punching bags for bullies!” All three of them nod, smiling like they just got a birthday present.
I pull granola bars out for snack and hand them one each. I’m thinking I need to go to the office tomorrow and find out why I wasn’t called.
Sheila and Ricky come in and see Billy on the counter. Sheila rushes over and hugs him. Ricky throws his book bag down. “Same kids?” He’s pissed. Tiny walks in behind him. “This is getting worse every f—freakin’ time!” He looks at me. “Can I go talk to little Ben?” I look at Tiny. He nods.
“Yeah. I want them sitting with the Little Brothers every day.” He throws chin, walks around Tiny, and is out the door.
Sheila gets her backpack. “I need to get my homework done. I’ll be out back.” I nod and hand her a granola bar and an apple.
Tiny lifts Billy’s chin and looks at his face. “You have lessons starting tomorrow with CJ for martial arts. Saturday you start riding lessons. Tomorrow morning I’m taking you to school.” Billy jumps off the counter, dropping the corn and starts jumping around. José and Jason follow his lead. All I can do is smile as José lands on the bag and corn flies. They all freeze and look at Tiny. “It’s corn, costs like a dollar.” He shrugs. I smile, getting the broom and dustpan. He’s so easy going at the best of times. I hand the broom to José and the dustpan to Billy. “Who hit you, Billy?” he asks while they clean up.
“Kids from José’s grade, it’s always the same three.” He dumps the corn and puts the broom and dustpan away.
Tiny looks at José. “Where were you?”
“I have the next lunch. Nancy said they have to sit with the Little Brothers from now on. They won’t be getting picked on anymore, everyone is afraid of Jeremy and Jacob.”
Tiny looks at me pissed, schools his face, and looks down to the boys. “Stick with your Brothers, there’s safety in numbers. Once you learn how to defend yourselves the bullies will leave you alone.” The boys nod with big smiles again.
“This happened at lunch, no one called me,” I tell him.
“They never called Claire,” Jason says.
Tiny looks at him then me. “I’ll sort it out tomorrow.” He looks back at them. “Anything else I need to take care of while I’m there?”
José looks down embarrassed. “We get free lunch but it’s not always good. Sometimes we just get a cheese sandwich if we don’t like what they have.”
“You need money for lunch?” he growls out.
José looks up fast. “No, we can just eat what they give us,” he says, scared.
Tiny wipes his hand down his face. “No, you’ll eat what you need. How does the lunch money work?”
“You pay online and we get to use it when they have the gross stuff,” Billy says.
“You need something, you tell us so we can get it. We don’t know just because we’re big. Yeah?”
The boys look relieved. “We need PE clothes and shirts for Spirit days,” Billy says. I laugh. The other boys are nodding.
“Let’s make a list so we don’t forget anything.” I grab the magnetic pad from the fridge and a pen.
Ricky comes in. “The Little Brothers will watch out for you. If you have a problem you go to Aaron or Jacob, they’ll get help from little Ben.” He looks at me and Tiny. “They always sit alone on the other side of the cafeteria, the other kids leave them alone, but they don’t bother with them.” He takes a breath, he’s pissed again. “At all.” Damn.

He slides me down his body and I feel how hard he is. He’ll get no complaints from me. I pull on his nipple ring, getting a moan. He lifts my blouse. “Fuck, I like the Bears,” he says while pulling the chain. My new animal nipple jewels get pulled tight, sending jolts of pleasure through me. “You’ve been walking around with no damn bra and I made you wait?” I smile at him. I actually took it off when I first came upstairs but there are some things you should just leave alone. This would be one of them.
He sits on the chair and puts me facing away on his lap. I like this position. His hands pull me so my back is on his chest. He lifts my hips and slides in hard and fast, I grab his forearms and hold it back; it’s too soon for me to come like a teenager. Dammit! His hands move, one on my pussy and one on my nipple, pulling the chain by stretching his thumb out. Shit, he’s going to tease the hell out of me. “Come on my cock, Tiny Dancer, I want you nice and wet for me.” His hand is circling my clit, causing my hips to circle with his motion, while his teeth scrape down my neck to my shoulder. It doesn’t take me long and he knows just when I’m ready to explode. He bites my shoulder, squeezes my nipple, pulling on the chain and pinches my clit; it hits me all at once and I’m gone.
Still dazed he moves to the bed, putting me face down with my feet on the floor. I’m still catching my breath and he’s hammering into me. Just as I’m building again he pulls out, making me cry out, “No!”
“Oh, babe, I’m not even close to done with you.” His voice is low and husky; I get a chill down my back hearing how much he’s affected.
I hear a condom and moan. Baby oil drips on my ass and he’s pushing his way in. Oh dear lord! I cry out, “All the way!” When the initial burn goes away I’m moaning. Sliding in and out slowly is making me crazy. He pulls out and I whine another ‘no.’
“My bad girl wants it all tonight.” He puts my knees on the bed and folds my body so my stomach is on them then he slides back in. I know he does this so he doesn’t have to bend so far. It makes me smile. He slams me from behind and I stop smiling and start moaning. Holy shit, it’s good! “I love seeing my dick sliding in your sweet tight ass, babe.” He’s breathing heavy. Bending, he bites my shoulder and snakes his arm under me, pushing my hand down to my pussy. “Come for me, Tiny Dancer. Let me hear how you like that cock in your ass,” he says at my ear.
I feel everything but hear only him. He’s pulling the chain again, making my nipples ache, then he pulls out and slides in my pussy hard and fast again. I come screaming for him, as if he can save me. I feel him fall at my side, feel me being moved onto his shoulder, feel his chest rise and fall, but my brain is floating.

About L. Ann Marie

A former account executive, mother of three and grand mother of two. L.Ann lives in central USA where she found herself unemployed and having too much time on her hands. She decided to spend some time going back to her first love, writing. An avid reader herself she found stories floating around in her head that were just waiting to be written and thought she would test the waters.:
L. Ann has written two series, The MC and The Baxter’s, that’s a total of nine books to date dealing with Alpha males and strong women. She uses places she has lived as her backdrops, with Florida and North Carolina still waiting to be written.

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