Sunday, August 23, 2015

Featured Author: Emily Walker

 Welcome Today's Featured Author
Emily Walker!!!
 His Boss Lady by Emily Walker:
Emma Michaels gets off on people calling her ma'am and fearing the sound of her four inch heels as she stomps by her employees' offices. The intelligent female worked hard to make partner at Johnson, Franks, and Michaels and will not let anything distract her from work. With her path set firmly toward the future, she has no idea that a young intern is coming to derail her plans.
Tyler Higgins is proving to be a distraction that creates chaos and anxiety in Emma's world. Will the young and handsome Higgins take the exec to school or has she met her match?
Tyler Higgins is a shark. The master of everything he touches, he comes from a long line of CEOs and self-starting businessmen. Landing his dream internship was icing on an already well-dressed cake, but shadowing a woman was not what he had in mind. Emma Michaels' attitude about work drives him crazy, and he cannot help but test her every chance he gets. However, not wanting to shadow Emma does not stop Tyler from thinking of the naughty things he could do to the buxom brunette haired beauty. Yes, this is dangerous territory.
When she walked up beside him, their shoulders brushed, which normally would have been an insignificant occurrence, but just being that close to him, and then actually touching his shoulder, struck something within her. The next thing that happened only made it worse as they both reached for one of the drawings and grabbed each other’s hands. At this point, an electric current of awareness shot through her, every one of his fingers left an invisible impression on her hand and she jerked away from him.
“Sorry about that.” She tried regaining her composure as he turned and smiled, a piece of that hair he had so meticulously slicked back came loose. Her fingers itched to push it back in place, and she caught herself before she did just that. Get ahold of yourself, girl.
Thinking how attractive he was gave her conflicting feelings. No one had ever challenged her the way he did. She had pretty much always been intimidating to men. Her coworkers understood her need to be in control. Her boyfriends? Not so much. It had been a while since she had even dated, but he was off limits, and she was a professional with a job to do. Maybe that was why she found herself drawn to him. She had not let herself be attracted to anyone, or considered dating because she was so career-focused. Maybe that was the reason she was losing all control of her hormones.

Emily Walker loves creating worlds and stumbling around in them. She is constantly losing her chap-stick, and has an obsession with the color pink. Currently a resident of the mountains and loving the view she writes mostly paranormal fiction, and horror. Her small family consists of her red bearded other half, a rat terrier named Rebel, and a cat called Mr. Creepy.

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