Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blog Tour for Mistaken Identity by Amy-Beth

Mistaken Identity
By Amy-Beth

When two worlds collide how many will survive?
I've been captured for six years and yet no one has bothered to help me,  the one person I thought might of helped disappeared all of a sudden. Each day for the last six years I've had to deal with him touching me, telling me what he wants to do and I can't stand it.
I have to find out who she is and why she is free and I am here locked away and used as a puppet, I need to know everyone I love is ok. Although my gut instinct is telling me I may already be too late.
My name is Morgan and this is my story.

Review by Gia:
Wow, this is one book that left me speechless after reading.   I absolutely loved reading Mistaken Identity.    It's Amy-Beth's debut novel and she didn't an amazing job writing it.   It hooked me from the beginning and keep me hooked to the end.  We get several different POVs in the story.   We get Morgan, Summer, Wyatt, Harry, and Bailey.   
Harry is the crazy Uncle that has kidnapped Morgan who they all think is Summer.  A few of the scenes with Harry hard to read.  He seems to have no boundaries and does whatever he whats to do.  Wyatt is Harry's nephew.  He's not bad like Harry, he likes Summer and feels bad that Harry has kidnapped her.  Bailey is Harry's son and  Wyatt's cousin.   He seems like he might be a descent person.  
We don't get a lot of background on Summer.  We know she is in hiding.   The big question is why do Summer and Morgan look so much a like that no one can tell them apart?   The ending left me wanting more and having a ton of unanswered questions.   I can't wait to read the next book.
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!!!



Amy-Beth is a upcoming new author with her debut novel Mistaken Identity coming out soon for release. After reading books from her favourite authors she decided to take the bull by the horns and get the story that has been driving her crazy for years out there.
Amy lives with her partner in crime Paul in Wigan, England and have been living there for many years. At 27yrs old she doesn't stop with promoting other authors and getting their books out to the public and working in her part-time job as a supervisor.
Reading has always been a passion and every opportunity to read is taken, even when she’s on holiday. Books whether reading, writing or reviewing have always come first to everything else in her life, unless Vampire Diaries or The Original’s are on the telly. You could ask Paul he would only confirm that fact.
Amy has a love of Reece’s peanut butter cups and root beer oh and don't forget the crunchy cheetos. Never finds herself off Facebook, which then gets her P.A Lisa sending her messages to get off and get back to writing. She counts on all her friends to keep her going and blow of steam with.


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