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Blog Tour for After the Pain by Gia Riley


Title:    After the Pain (The Reflection Series Book #2)
Author:   Gia Riley
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Release Day:    September 2, 2014

Does everything really happen for a reason?
Hallie Dawson is battling with a broken heart yet determined to give love a second chance. Once again, time isn’t in her favor. Her moments After the Pain are filled with promises of a better future and personal secrets. With mysterious notes continuously haunting her and a secret friendship with a fellow musician, Hallie is struggling to stay true to her heart.
Tall, dark and handsome, Sean Thomas, is tired of being second best. This time, the good guy refuses to finish last. If he wants to get the girl, he’s going to have to confront the one person who broke his heart. His past is on a collision course with his future – will he be able to hang onto his connection with Hallie?
After the Pain is a Contemporary Romance novel about restoring faith in the beauty of love. Can Sean put the pieces of Hallie’s heart back together? Will love conquer all, or will jealousy and secrets tear them apart?

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Review by Gia:
I loved reading After the Pain.   After the Pain is book two in The Reflection series.   It is not a standalone and you must read read book one, Between the Pain, first.  After the Pain picks up where Between the Pain left off.   I loved the first book and the second book is just as great.
Between the Pain was a tearjerker.  I rarely cry when reading and I cried during that one.  I wasn't sure what to except with After the Pain so when I sat down to read it I had tissues handy.  I'm happy to say, I shed no tears with this one.  It was a very emotional read.  
Hallie is an amazingly strong character.  She has been given a lot to deal with.  We find out what Sean has been keeping from Hallie.   His secret isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Sean's past and ex catch up with him. Hallie is surprised by Sean's ex.  Sena's ex is crazy and cause all sorts of problems for Hallie and Sean. 
Hallie meets Colby at open mic night.  He seems like a good guy.  I keep hoping every time he popped up in the story that Hallie would not fall for him.  Colby has a past.  I was very surprised on how Colby fit in the story. 
After the Pain is a great story.  I loved the ending.  I hope that someday we will get Colby's story. 
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!

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Title:    Between the Pain (The Reflection Series Book #1)
Author:   Gia Riley
Genre:   Contemporary Romance


Graduating from nursing school and finding herself thrown into the real world, twenty-two year old Hallie Dawson is determined to prove herself on the job. A chance encounter on the first day has charming Ryan Andrews showing up everywhere she goes. With only a string of random hook-ups and one failed relationship in her past, Hallie isn’t used to being pursued. For the first time, two men desire her. Will she choose the right one – or does fate hold all the cards?
Between the Pain is a Contemporary Romance novella about finding love - and being brave enough to follow your heart. Will Hallie end up in the arms of her true love or are the moments in between her pain forming the real story.
Timing is everything.
A fraction of a second, one altered course, one note -- change her life forever.


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About the Author: 

Writing has been a passion of mine since high school when I took my very first creative writing class. I was lucky enough to take a few creative writing and English classes in college that fueled my desire to create. With the encouragement of my friends and family, I decided to write my first novella series. I'm also an active wife and mother. When I have a quiet moment, I love to swap my play-doh for my laptop. There's nothing more satisfying than creating art.

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/AuthorGiaRiley


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