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Blog Tour for Ball In Hand by Libby Thomas

Title: Ball In Hand
Author: Libby Thomas
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book Synopsis:
When Sam Middleton catches her classy boyfriend in the throes of a supremely unclassy affair, she retreats to the comfort of a dingy bar that reminds her of home. There, a much younger man entices her to play a game of pool.
He needs a roommate. She needs a place to stay. One thing leads to another and Sam finds herself moving into an apartment building full of college boys. Sam is not easily enticed by the bevy of young studs, but the ambient testosterone causes Sam to reevaluate her position and thrust herself back into the dating pool-table that is.
Dating is much more fun now that she is older, wiser, and the ball is in her hand-so to speak.

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Review by Gia:
 Wow Ball In Hand is a great read.  It the debut novel by Libby Thomas and she definitely did an amazing job writing it.
Sam finds her boyfriend cheating on her.  She ends up at a bar and meets Mike.  she goes home with Mike but nothing happens but she loses her key.  When she goes back to find her keys, she finds out Mike and Joe are looking for a roommate.   After looking at so dumpy places to rent, Sam ends up renting with Mike and Joe.  Chad and Neil live in the apartment above Joe and Mike.  Joe, Mike, Chad, and Neil are in college.  Sam refers to them as the boys.  I loved the boys, they are very entertaining.
In the beginning, we go back and forth between Sam and Luke's story.  At first their story doesn't overlap with each other and I kept wondering when and how Sam and Luke's paths would cross.    I won't tell you how the meet each other but once they do meet each, you can't help but root for them to have a lasting relationship.  Luke is at a point in his life where he is changing this up.  Sam in not really looking to jump right back into a serious relationship.  Luke and Sam have their work cut out to make their relationship work.
Ball In Hand is a great story and you will not be disappointed in it.    It says it's book one in the Finding Home series, which is good because that means we will get more from these lovable characters. 
5 Amazeballs Stars!!!!

Author Bio: 

Libby Thomas is a social worker by day and writer by night.    She has been an avid reader of romance novels since she was 12 years old  when she had to sneak them off of her mother’s night stand.  
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Author Interview Questions: 

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  
I am a 28 year old single girl who prefers book boyfriends to the real life variety.

2. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?  
I started writing books in high school but I always got stuck at the love scenes.  I finished my first book in April 2014.

3. How did you choose the genre you write in? 
I write the genre that I most enjoy reading.

4. What project are you working on now? 
I’m working on the third and final book in the series that will be called Diner Undercover.

5. Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?  
I have a large family that resembles Sam’s family somewhat.  However the storyline is pure imagination.

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