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Featured Author: D. A. Rhine

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D. A. Rhine!!!!

Vampires of the Chesapeake is a series of three books. The first two, Kian MacTiernan and Rees Morgan, are available from Amazon ( or on Smashwords (

Vampires of the Chesapeake: Kian MacTiernan is Ms. Rhine's first published novel and was brought to life during national novel writing month, also known as, NANOWRIMO. It is the first book in the series, which takes place in the Chesapeake Bay area. Each novel features a different vampire with a unique challenge and a new steamy relationship. Kian, is an Irishman who battles balancing his desire to love and share his life with Darcy, with his need to maintain secrets that threaten to simultaneously destroy their relationship.

Vampires of the Chesapeake: Kian MacTiernan (4.5 out of 5 stars)
Kian MacTiernan enslaved in 1654 was shipped to a Virginian plantation. Forced to leave behind his wife, children, and Ireland, Kian focused his energy on escaping, reclaiming his family, and his life. One night, he fled the plantation and encountered a stranger who promised him freedom. Unfortunately, Kian had to die first.

Over 300 years later, Kian, now a successful owner of an escort service, advertised for an administrative assistant. When Darcy Engel walked into the interview, his urge to possess her startled him. She awakened needs he'd thought long dead. Resolved to maintain a professional relationship, regardless of his body's desires, he hired Darcy without revealing his vampiric nature or initially his business's product. But Ruth, an immortal employee and occasional bedfellow, threatened his facade and Darcy. At war with his own body and integrity, Kian found himself caught between two women, two worlds, and too many lies.

In the next book in the series, 


Vampires of the Chesapeake, Rees Morgan, a Welshman, and a male escort employed by Kian MacTiernan, finds himself jaded by women, until he meets, Rachel McCready, a widow with two young boys. Perhaps she may be able to peel away the layers from Rees to reveal the gentle soul that lies beneath.

Vampires of the Chesapeake: Rees Morgan (5 out of 5 stars)
Rees Morgan has the perfect career for a vampire; he works nights, uses his mind reading ability to decipher exactly what his clients need, and the pay is excellent. Life is good, uncomplicated, okay, maybe a bit lonely, that is until he walks into The Grind, and sees her, sitting alone at a table.

Rachel McCready’s friend is to meet her at the coffee shop for a long awaited girls’ night out. Since her husband died, more than two years ago, she’s lived like a hermit, but with two boys to care for, and a mortgage to pay, there wasn’t much time for anything else. When the bell rings above The Grind’s door, drawing her attention, she wishes she’d taken more time with her appearance. The man who walks in is stunning. As a text interrupts her ogling, letting her know her friend isn’t coming, she’s stuck at work; Rachel looks up to hear the stranger ask if he can sit at her table.

Their chance meeting evolves into one night of unbridled passion that flips their worlds upside down, when an unknown force threatens them both. Her first night of spontaneous pleasure, throws her into his world; a world she never knew existed, which now endangers her children, her parents, and her. And the one man who can save them, is the one man she has come to despise.


The last book in the series, Nikolaus Schild, will be out in 2015 and features the bad boy who over 1400 years ago was a Merovingian. He's a famous concert violinist who encounters an injured, young woman hiding on his property. Nik, is the boldest and oldest of all her sexy, sensual, and romantic immortal men. They are dying to meet you.

D.A. Rhine grew up in Western Pennsylvania and now lives in Maryland with her two children, mortal husband, and one fluffy cat. The paranormal and Ireland have always fascinated her. As a graduate from Old Dominion University, she earned her bachelor's degree in German with a marketing minor. German, while a wonderful language is not very helpful in one's career. Writing has always been her passion and was a natural, welcomed transition from the world of Faust and Kant.

Twitter: D_A_Rhine

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