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Blog Tour for First Love by Kathy-Jo Reinhart


Author: Kathy-Jo Reinhart
 Published March 21st 2014 
Genre: New Adult   


*****This book is recommended for ages 18+ (Strong Language, Violence, sexual content)***** Six years ago, Amber fled her hometown and family heart broken and humiliated. Now, after walking in on her fiancé holding another woman’s legs in the air and screaming her name, Amber is headed back home to Oakville, ready for a fresh start in the town she’s always loved. Determined to get back to her life, Amber gets a waitressing job at KC’s Bar & Grille. After a few weeks of working there, she finally sets in to a happy routine with help from her new friend, Holly. That is, until she meets KC, the owner, her boss, and the man who just happens to be the reason she left so many years ago. The man she never got over. Enter Kyle. He’s sexy, charming, the lead singer of a small town band, and owner of KC’s Bar & Grille. When Amber left all those years ago, he became a shell of the man he was. Broken, confused, and desperate, Kyle began his new life where nothing mattered aside from music and women, sometimes more than one at a time. Finally realizing that he hated the person he was becoming, he moves back to Oakville with his band to focus on the bar. Still playing a few small gigs here and there, Kyle and his band return home after a month only to walk straight into Amber, the girl who broke his heart and left without a word.
With a short, heated conversation revealing that it was all just a misunderstanding, Kyle and Amber are determined to start over again and let the past stay in the past. This is the second chance neither of them dreamed they would get and they aren’t going to waste it. Unfortunately, living in this small town isn’t as safe as it would seem. With people determined to tear them apart and old flings resurfacing, will Amber and Kyle be able to hold onto their second chance? Or will it all slip through their fingers?


Review by Gia:

First Love is a great read!! It's told in the dual POVs of Amber and Kyle. I love dual POVs. WE get to getting both Kyle and Amber's heads and see what they are thinking and feeling.

Kyle and Amber are meet fro each other. But one misunderstanding sends Amber fleeing. Six years later she returns home. Kyle has never gotten over her and has use alcohol and women to try to get over her but the didn't work.

Amber gets a job working at KC's Bar and Grille. At the time she doesn't know Kyle owns it. When she finally meets the owner and realizes it's Kyle sparks fly again. They both finally talk about what happened and why she left. Kyle doesn't hid what he has done while they were apart and Amber accepts him.

Just when you think everything is going to be okay, there is a twist. Before Amber came back, Kyle slept with Darcie, who was married to Beau. Beau thinks Kyle stole amber from him in high school. Beau is a very crazy man and provides some great twists in the story.

First love is the first book in the Oakville Series, #1. So yes there is a cliffhanger. Oh and what a cliffhanger it is. I can't wait to read more. After the ending I am little worried to read the next but I'm hoping for a HEA in the next book, Remember Me (Oakville Series, #2). 
5 Amzaeballs Stars!!!


After growing up in Saranac Lake, a small town in upstate NY, Kathy-Jo Reinhart returned to her birth place and where she spent her summers with her grandparents, St. Petersburg, Florida, after graduating High School. The sub zero climate and piles of snow definitely weren’t a loss, in her opinion, and this is where she still resides with her Husband of fifteen years and their eleven year old son, who they lovingly refer to as their miracle baby. A name righteously earned after a very difficult and scary pregnancy with 7 1/2 months on complete bed rest. By day, she works as an Office Manager for a construction company started by her grandfather and uncle. Like most people, she has a love hate relationship with her job, but cherishes all the years she was able to work side by side with her grandfather before he passed away. Writing has always been something that she has loved. In school, creative writing was her favorite class. Writing a book was something she had always wanted to do, but was too afraid she didn't have what it took to make it happen. After going from working sixty hours a week to twenty, she found herself with a lot of extra time on her hands and decided it was time to take the leap. Crossing her fingers and closing her eyes, she jumped into creating the Oakville series and hasn’t looked back. The first five star review she received after First Love, the first book in the Oakville series, was published, left her speechless, overwhelmed with emotion, and so blown away that someone really liked what she had written. Her initial fears seemed to calm and reassured her that others love her writing just as much as she loves doing it. How it will all turn out, still remains a mystery, but she’s having a blast seeing where these characters will take her. When she isn’t spending time with her characters, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, scrapbooking, and doing ancestry research.


 PLAYLIST: First Love Playlist Breathing Slowly - Crossfade I’ll Fight - Daughtry From Where You Are - Lifehouse Die For You - Otherwise I Remember You - Skid Row Believe - Staind Gone Forever - Three Days Grace Broken - Seether (Featuring Amy Lee) Tangled Up In You - Staind The Reason - Hoobastank I Will Be - Leona Lewis      


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