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Featured Author: Bella Andre

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Bella Andre!!!!

Info about KISS ME LIKE THIS (The Morrisons, Book 1):

Kiss Me Like This is the first book in my series about the Morrisons, six siblings between the ages of 18 and 25. I've been wanting to write about this family for so long and I can't wait for everyone to read Sean Morrison and Serena Britten's sexy and emotional love story! Serena was a side character in my most recent Sullivan book (Just To Be With You) and Smith Sullivan from Come A Little Bit Closer appears in Kiss Me Like This, too. (Btw, I am still going to be writing Sullivans! Dylan Sullivan's book will be out this fall.)

Sean Morrison, one of six siblings and the top college baseball player in the country, is reeling from a heartbreakingly painful loss. Nothing seems to matter anymore…until the night Serena Britten unexpectedly ends up in his arms.

Serena is a world-famous model who has only ever wanted to be normal, even though her mother has always pushed her to become a superstar. Though it isn’t easy to try to leave everyone and everything she knows behind, Serena is determined to enroll in college. More than anything, she wants to turn her love for books into a new career that she actually loves. Only, she never expected to meet someone like Sean on campus—or to be instantly consumed by their incredible chemistry and connection.

But when the pressures of her high-profile modeling career only get bigger and more demanding, will it make living a normal life as a college student—and falling in love with the hottest guy on campus—impossible?

EXCERPT 1 from: “Kiss Me Like This" (The Morrisons, Book 1) by Bella Andre copyright 2014

“You keep talking about wanting to be normal.” Sean looked confused. “But I don’t get why would you want to be anything other than as extraordinary as you are?”

Serena wished she’d learned enough in her English classes already to have the right words to explain things to him. To her mom, too. When she didn’t answer him because she didn’t know how, she could read his frustration loud and clear. She expected him to keep hammering away at her until she explained why she was such a freak.

But instead of pressuring her, he simply said, “If you want normal, I’ll give you normal.”

It was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her, and her surprise at his offer—one that showed he already understood so much more about her than anyone else ever had—made her momentarily speechless.

“As soon as I get back to my frat house, I’m going to set everyone straight about us so that they know this story is bogus and that we’re just friends. I’ll make sure they spread the word.”

“That’s great,” and he was too, “but we couldn’t even go get pizza together without it making the national news.”

“You said you were starting to trust me, right?” When she nodded, he said, “So now how about you let me actually be your friend.”

She wanted so badly to take everything he was offering at face value, but what if her mother was right? What if all men did was use and lie and hurt?

“Why would you want to do this for me?”

“In the past year, since we found out my mom was sick, it’s been…” He swallowed hard and looked away for a moment. “It’s been pretty rough.” He brought his gaze back to hers and held her spellbound in his green depths. “But when I’m with you, I forget to feel bad.”

Everything he said was so sweet, and so heartfelt, that as all her fears temporarily fell away, she couldn’t keep from saying, “When I’m with you, I forget about all the craziness, too.”

“He grinned at her. “Does this mean you’re going to let me show you what it’s like to be a normal college student?”

Maybe she was being crazy to open herself up to him like this, but her heart was whirling and twirling around inside her chest too fast for her to do anything but smile back at him and say, “Yes.”

As they stood there smiling at each other outside the library, amazingly, what she felt between them was as powerful as his kiss had been at the party. Only, this time she wanted to be the one to pull him against her so that she could kiss him.

Excerpt 1 from: “Kiss Me Like This" (The Morrisons, Book 1) by Bella Andre copyright 2014

* * * *

Excerpt 2 from: “Kiss Me Like This" (The Morrisons, Book 1) by Bella Andre copyright 2014

“Sitting on the blanket she’d brought, he let her do it all—unscrew the top of the tequila bottle, put out the salt shaker between them, pour the shots, cut up the lime—and she knew why. Yet again, he didn’t want her to feel that he was forcing her to do anything. He wanted to be sure that “everything she was doing was her decision.

But while she hadn’t changed her mind about her plans for tonight, and the tequila thankfully smelled better than she’d expected it to, that didn’t mean she felt all that confident about how to actually drink it.

“I looked up several ways to do the shots on the Internet,” she admitted. “But I’m sure you have some favorites.”

He reached out and brushed his thumb across her lower lip. “I do.” His gorgeous mouth tipped up into a smile. “But I’ll need you to come closer so that I can show you what they are.”

Every inch of her wanted every inch of him already. It had been that way from the first moment he’d held her in his arms at the frat party, but now that she knew how amazing he was...well, she was barely a heartbeat from shoving aside all the drinking paraphernalia and tackling him.

“Care to share some of what’s going on inside that big brain of yours?”

She looked up at him in surprise, feeling as if he’d already read her mind. And since she guessed that even if she didn’t say it aloud, he’d know, she said, “I’m having trouble concentrating on my goal of learning how to drink tequila when all I want to do is kiss you.”

His mouth curved up wider even as his eyes grew darker. “Who says you have to pick one or the other?”

He poured tequila into one of the shot glasses, quickly drank it, then drew her onto his lap so that she was straddling him. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she instinctively knew to suck the liquor from it, then lick his lips clean, too.
“How was that?”

She was almost too breathless to reply. “Good.” She couldn’t drag her gaze away from his “mouth. “So good.”

He poured another small amount into a shot glass, then held it out to her. “Your turn.”

She brought the glass up to her lips and tasted it, unable to stop her nose from wrinkling at just how strong it was.

“It’s usually better if you just toss it back,” Sean coached her. “Although I’m perfectly happy to quit the drinking part of the evening now if you want...and just get back to the kissing part.”

Oh, but she was tempted. It would be so easy to skip over this rite of passage. Only, she knew it would keep bothering her that she’d never experienced something that was a part of nearly every other college student’s normal vernacular.

Taking a deep breath, she tilted her head back and tossed the shot down her throat. Oh God, she thought as her eyes watered, it burned like fire...but then Sean was there with his fingers tangling in her hair and his mouth on hers as he sucked at her tongue the way she’d sucked at his. As the fire immediately moved from her throat to her breasts and the vee between her legs, the shot glass dropped from her hand and she wrapped her arms around him to try to get closer.

“What did you think about that?” His mouth was still so close to hers that his question felt like another kiss.

“It was hot. But I’m not sure how much of the way I’m feeling has to do with the tequila.”

Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of “The Sullivans” series. Having sold more than 3 million books, Bella Andre’s novels have been #1 bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists 16 times. She has been the #1 Ranked Author at Amazon (on a top 10 list that included Nora Roberts, JK Rowling, James Patterson and Steven King). Known for “sensual, empowered stories enveloped in heady romance” (Publishers Weekly), her books have been Cosmopolitan Magazine “Red Hot Reads” twice and have been translated into ten languages. Winner of the Award of Excellence, The Washington Post called her “One of the top digital writers in America” and she has been featured by NPR, USA Today, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and  TIME Magazine. If not behind her computer, you can find her reading her favorite authors, hiking, swimming or laughing. Married with two children, Bella splits her time between the Northern California wine country and a 100 year old log cabin in the Adirondacks.  


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