Thursday, April 4, 2019

Release Blitz for Chasing Indigo by Ali Dean


Ryan Harding. He’s running royalty. The guy I’ve been following online since I started this sport. Sure, I’ve got a crush on him, but so does nearly every other runner in the country. I’m an unknown in this world, it’s not like the prince of distance running is ever going to notice me, which is for the best. I’ve been down this road once before with the Mr. Perfect type, and I’m not doing it again.

Indigo Adams stood out the moment I saw her cross the finish line. She’s not only got a gorgeous stride and stellar kick, but possesses the tenacity and drive required to reach the top. She’s the perfect fit for our newly-formed team in Colorado, though her running potential isn’t the only thing that’s captured my attention. Indigo seems skeptical of our selection of her and even more skeptical of me and my intentions. What will it take for her to see she belongs here in Brockton, on this team… and with me?

(This is a spinoff from the Pepper Jones series but can be read as a standalone.)

Review by Gia:
I just read two back to back books with rock stars in them so it was time to read something different so it was time to jump into the world of runners.  The only other books I have read with runners in it was the Pepper Jones series by this author.   If you read that series then  you have met Ryan already.  If you haven't read don't worry about it because Chasing Indigo in a standalone read.  When I first met Ryan in Pepped Up I so wanted him to be the one for Pepper but that didn't happen so I was excited to get his story because he deserves a happy ever after.      Ryan is a sweet nice guy.  He meets  Indigo at a race.  Indigo is a up and coming runner.  She's great at running and kind of unknown until she wins a big race.  At that race she catches Ryan's attention.  Indigo is balancing running, working, and life things so she doesn't jump right away at the chance to train with Ryan and his team but eventually agrees to join his team.  Ryan and Indigo are have a coach and runner relationship then a friendship relationship then more.   Their relationship is kind of a slow burn.   Indigo has a ex boyfriend that pops up in the beginning and as Ryan and Indigo's relationship grows I was waiting for the ex to pop back up then when he did I was surprised.  This one was a really good read.
5 Amazeballs Stars!

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