Sunday, April 7, 2019

Featured Author: Megan Grooms

Welcome Today's Featured Author
 Megan Grooms!!

The Bladesmith
 As a female bladesmith Lena is barely making ends meet. Upon learning the castle is hiring a new Master Bladesmith she decides she cannot miss the opportunity. Can she get them to look past her gender and see her abilities? Once she meets Zander and he accepts her without question, hope builds within her. When secrets are revealed and Lena learns the truth about her family's history, she isn't sure what will happen. Will Lena get everything she has ever wanted, an adoring man and a position she loves, or will her life be forever changed by the truth that has been kept from her?

 About Megan Grooms:
Megan is a full-time author and stay at home mother. She loves to read, write, and geek out on many different genres of TV and movies. She writes adult romance, young adult, new adult, fantasy, and supernatural.

Author Social Media Links
Twitter:  @groomsbooks
Instagram:  @groomsbooks
Facebook: Megan Grooms, Author
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