Wednesday, April 10, 2019


New adult romance, Piper Frost style. Come back to the Ranch in this two book Kenshaw Legacy series. Pre-order book 1 now!

█ RUIN █
Release- April 25
My life is flipped upside down when my mom abandons me and my brother, leaving us with an angry father who gets abusive if we so much as breathe wrong. Everything went downhill in our lives and it’s only getting worse.
When I move out to live with my aunt, it’s like a vacation getting away from my dad, but leaving my kid brother with him is one of the hardest things to do. Another hard thing to do is get a job, but the Kenshaws are good people and they’d give the shirts off their back to anyone that needs help. Which is a plus because I want Paige Kenshaw to lose her shirt. I’m only supposed to get a job, not fall for the hottest girl in my new high school.
Not fall for a Kenshaw.
Paige is the closest thing to family I’ve felt in a long time, and she gives me everything. I want to give her the world back, but I can’t ignore my dad. And that could ruin everything.

Release- May 9

I’ve spent the last three years paying for a crime I shouldn’t have even been involved in, and now I’m headed back to the one place I was taught to hate.
Kenshaw Ranch.
And only because my brother’s all I have left in this fucked up world. Well, maybe not the only thing. Little Leena Kenshaw is still here, and she’s all grown up. Barely legal, edgy, and not taking anyone’s shit. There’s something between us that not even the ice princess can deny. There has been since we used to fool around in her daddy’s barn when we were fifteen.
I’ve never been good at doing what I’m told, so staying away from her isn’t an option. And neither is changing my troublesome ways. Thankfully, Leena likes the adrenaline rush about as much as I do. Causing havoc is much more fun with a sexy as hell sidekick. We’re both screwed up just enough to be perfect for each other.
Thing is, we do more fucking than talking. She’s my ride or die, but when it comes to communication, I suck at it. She’s got an
unsupportive family I wish I could take her away from, but I’ve got a secret that I need to clean up my act for. My ideas of revenge get replaced with thoughts of a forever with Leena.
One thing us Sterling brothers suck at is staying away from the Kenshaw girls.
And I’ll do anything for the girls I love.


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