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Featured Author: Cora Kenborn

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    Cora Kenborn!!

    Blurred Red Lines

    Nothing’s deadlier than sleeping with the enemy.


    In the wrong place at the wrong time, my life is forever altered when I witness a botched cartel hit. Kidnapped and held against my will, I find myself thrust into a longstanding cartel war as some sick consolation prize. I’ll make it out of here, and when I do, everyone from the drug lord to the bottom-feeding trigger man will fall.
    That is, if I can stop myself from falling first. For him. I should hate him. He holds me prisoner, but I'm the one who refuses to leave. 


    My name is whispered in fear. As the heir to the Carrera Cartel, I’m determined to defy my legacy and do things my way. When an innocent man’s death put a witness on my radar, I try to convince myself I’m keeping her prisoner to discover her secrets. It’s a lie. I want her, but this dangerous attraction risks both my empire and our lives.
    I’ve spent my life in a solitude of my own choosing, but now that I have Eden beside me, I won’t let her go. If we burn…we burn together.

    Faded Gray Lines TEASER BLURB (Actual Blurb TBA)

    The bad boys of the Carrera Cartel are back.
    Coming soon, Faded Gray Lines (Carrera Cartel 2.)

    All Mateo has ever known was a life of crime, and he'll risk it everything for the one he never saw coming back. Leighton is the tortured girl turned tortured woman who finally breaks. However, when this shattered doll breaks, bodies fall...not tears. Only one man can reach through the darkness to save her. The one who already lives there.



    The Higher The Star…The Harder The Fall

    Only the good die young. But I’ve never been good.
    I’ve lived a life most people only dream about—famous men, expensive booze, and the finest drugs money could buy. But every vice has its price and living a life of excess has finally dragged me down, forcing me back to the one place I swore I’d never return.
    We met in high school, but we were far from sweethearts. I ruined his life and then walked away. Losing everything is bad enough, but crawling back to people who wish you were dead is a nightmare.
    Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not always.
    You either forgive and forget or fracture and finish.


    Seven years ago, Shiloh West was my world. I gave up my future for her. Then, I spent every waking moment hating her for it. I’ve followed her train wreck of a career in the tabloids since she drove out of town with her nose in the air. The woman is toxic.
    The fact that a judge has court ordered her back to town means nothing to me—except maybe the payback I’ve waited a lifetime to collect. I’m going to build her up and tear her down.
    A better man would walk away. I'm not a better man. She thinks she has the upper hand. Think again, Starshine.
    Beauty is only skin deep, but revenge goes straight to the bone.

    Fame and Obsession (Lords of Lyre 1)

    Struggling writer Phoebe Ryan abandons her southern roots and heads to New York, determined to leave her nightmarish past behind…
    She was not expecting to meet a famous rock star, or to be coerced into ghostwriting his autobiography. But she tries to maintain focus on her dream of becoming an author, despite the attraction she feels for the sexy rocker, not to mention the baggage that comes with him.

    Julian Bale’s world was shattered one drunken night, and it almost ruined him…
    Weighed down by guilt, he blames himself for an accident he could’ve prevented. He will play the game, but swears his hot little ghostwriter will never get that story out of him. As much as he wants her, if he has to choose between his dream and hers, it’s no contest.

    Phoebe and Julian give in to a forbidden attraction, and their public romance risks both their lives…
    An obsessive fan is on the loose and now that the secret’s out, it’s made them both targets. The psychotic stalker is determined to have Julian for herself, even if she has to reveal their sordid pasts and eliminate Phoebe to do it.

    He lives for fame. She lives to hide. Obsession lives to ruin them both.


    Fame and Secrets (Lords of Lyre 2)

    An empty house in Hollywood isn’t what Phoebe Ryan envisioned when she said “yes” to a rock star’s proposal…
    Phoebe is pregnant and alone in Tinseltown. She had hoped a fresh start, but instead gets flashing cameras and tabloid gossip while her famous fiancé is on tour. Then the body of a young woman surfaces, bearing the same scars Phoebe has kept hidden for years. Phoebe fears the nightmare she can’t forget has come to collect an overdue debt.

    Julian Bale struggles to balance his life as a touring rock star and his new role as a family man…
    Everyone wants something from him, but he just wants to go home to the woman he’s fought so hard to keep. When inside information comes to light, threatening his fiancée and unborn child, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect what’s his, even if it costs him everything he’s worked for.

    Phoebe and Julian thought they left the drama and danger behind, but they thought wrong…
    When the monster from Phoebe’s past claims the most innocent of victims, accusations and grief shred what they’ve fought to build. Some say tragedy can make or break a family, but can Phoebe and Julian unite to fight for what was taken from them, or will fame and secrets ruin everyone?


     Swamp Bottom Novella Series

    Front Porches & Funerals (Novella 1)

    They say you can’t go home again.
    But when you’re broke, down on your luck, and wanted in two states…
    It’s the only place left.

    Adelaide spent high school dreaming of the day she’d lift a middle finger to her small town life and watch it all fade away in the rear-view mirror. After marrying a man who she thought was her prince charming, Adelaide finally had everything she ever wanted…until the silver spoon was ripped from her mouth and her prince was revealed to be just another cheating jackass. Suddenly homeless with nowhere else to turn, she must head back to the one place she never thought she’d have to show her face again.

    Savannah just wanted to see the world, but ended up a twenty-five year old vagabond with nothing to show for her life but a string of loser ex-boyfriends. Instead of saving the planet, she sells jewelry on the internet and digs in the cushions for loose change. Making the decision to cut her losses, Savannah packs up and hits the road. It’s time to go back to the beginning and figure out where she went wrong.

    Adelaide and Savannah couldn’t wait to leave the bayou. However, when circumstances force them out of their self-imposed exiles, they have no choice but to belly crawl back to the place they both turned their backs on. The Dubois sisters find that sometimes you’ve got to uncover your roots to find your future.

    The good thing about hitting swamp bottom?
    There’s only one way to go… 

    Voodoo & Vodka (Novella 2)

    In vodka we trust.

    What do you get when you add up a pig sitter, a stolen Viking Mobile, a Voodoo Priestess, Mardi Gras, a hotter than sin cop, and a bearded clam digger?


    Coming back home to the swamp, the Dubois sisters find that life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The new beginning they’d promised each other proves that the fantasy of starting over is always so much better than the reality.

    Because secrets buried in the swamp don’t stay hidden for long, and when vodka is poured…the truth comes out.

    And sometimes, the truth is ugly.

    Hook-ups & Hang-ups (Novella 3)

    Dubois sisters' to-do list...
    Ditch dead end marriage...check. 
    Return stolen property...handled it. 
    Move to a new problem. 
    Relocate family business and start over...piece of cake. 
    Destroy current relationship because it's going too well...of course. 
    Wake up beside the one person you should never hook-up with under any circumstances...oh hell, no.

    Destiny has its own plan...

    Adelaide and Savannah find that a fresh start in New Orleans doesn't necessarily mean old flames and old habits get left behind. The thrill of the chase is half the fun, but when self-sabotage is the catch of the day, trust issues and hang-ups may end the game before it begins.
    Because when you're a Dubois, you don't just hide your crazy...
    You lock it up and throw away the key.

    Blue Lights & Boatmen (Novella 4)

    They say there are three sides to every story...

    We’ve heard from the sisters, now it’s time to hear from the men who've won their hearts.
    No one said dating would be easy, but then again, no one mentioned that dating a Dubois sister would threaten your sanity. Officer Quentin Pope and Zephirin LeBlanc have stayed in the background and let their girlfriends take the lead...but not anymore.

    They’re setting the record straight…

    Southern gossip, jealous exes, hidden agendas, meddling family members, and one hell of an unexpected twist push both couples toward the edge of crazy. However, in the bayou, nothing worth having comes without a battle, and Pope and Zep are laced up and ready to fight.

    Only the strong survive, and if you want to be a part of this family, you have to start by getting off the porch.

    Pink Lines & Panic (Novella 5)


    Variety is the spice of life… That’s the kind of ‘throw caution to the wind’ mentality that got me into this mess in the first place. I thought a fresh start, some vodka, and swamp air would bring me back to my roots. They did, all right—my roots also got me pregnant and have me staring at this positive test like it's a Jenga puzzle piece. One wrong move and everything topples over. We love each other. We hate each other. But above all else—we’re now stuck with each other for life.


    My sister has got herself a bun in the oven and a sentence for eighteen to life. Instead of owning up, she's still letting her stubborn ass pride get in the way, and I'm done. I may not have it all together, but I’m taking matters into my own hands and forcing them to handle their business. I’m one hell of a puppet master too until my boyfriend drops the mother of all bombs on me. This should be our happily ever after, but life’s funny with curveballs like that. Especially ones you’ve managed to block out.

    Divorce & Denial (Novella 6)

    What happens in Vegas...
    Comes back to ruin your life.

    One month before her perfect wedding to the man of her dreams, Savannah is slapped with the consequences of the worst decision she's ever made. 

    As the clock ticks and the stakes rise, she panics and kidnaps a very pregnant Adelaide, hopping on the first flight to Vegas. The plan is simple--plan a fake last-minute bachelorette party, get a quickie divorce erasing her drunken vows to Mr. Wrong, and return home with no one being the wiser.

    There's just one problem—the men they both love aren't buying any of it. Racing against time, the sisters are on a mission to right their wrongs before Savannah's fiancé finds out about her tequila soaked nuptials and Adelaide's boyfriend locks her away until she gives birth. 

    Throw in a drunk and slot machine obsessed grandmother, and it's a recipe for the craziest Dubois adventure yet.

    Warrants & Onesies (Novella 7)

    To Get Where You’re Going…
    You’ve Got To Know Where You’ve Been… 

    The Past
    Some say it’s behind you.
    But what do you do when it handcuffs you while it's back there? 
    Or shows up on your doorstep with flowers and an apology? 

    The Present
    Others say you should live in it.
    But what happens when it arrives four weeks too early?
    Or changes a fairytale wedding into a three-ring circus?

    The Future
    Everyone says it’s unwritten.
    But what if a gypsy fortune teller predicted it all one drunken night?
    And now it’s all about to unfold in the most outrageous way possible.

    Because in the swamp, you don’t just expect the unexpected…
    You invite it inside and hand it a drink.


    There’s no honor among thieves. In an upscale Miami nightclub, two professional con artists play a dangerous game while targeting the most powerful and wealthy. Working separately proves impossible, forcing Charity and Spencer to form a reluctant alliance and put everything on the line for the biggest score of all. The bet is simple: the crook with the highest payout wins the other for the night. Two cons battle for one prize and race against the clock to take what they really want…each other. 

    Work the room. Gain their trust. Take it all.


    To take the bad with the good has never been this tempting…

    We all need it. We all crave it. The unexpected. The freedom of letting all your inhibitions go. It’s the thrill of being led to the edge, testing the limits, wondering if and when you’ll be pushed over. It’s the rush of the unknown. The bittersweet of tasting the forbidden when you know it’s undeniably bad for you. It consumes you, possesses you, and seduces you with its decadence, the desire for wickedly bad things.

    Eleven stories of sinfully seductive bad boys and scandalously wild bad girls—all ready to ignite your deepest desires by letting you experience the daring side of romance.

    A blackmailing hacker. An infamous cage fighter. The Sergeant at Arms of a criminal MC. They’re breaking bad with shameless temptation…and they are downright irresistible.

    Do you want to be taken to the edge? Do you ache for the thrill of experiencing how good bad can be?

    Craving bad? Now’s your chance to indulge.




    I have twenty-eight days to find the perfect wife…

    As a sought-after photographer with a sexy Irish accent, I have no problem attracting women. Especially crazy ones who can’t take no for an answer. But now, I’m backed in a corner, and both mine and my daughter’s futures are being threatened.
    The plan is simple: find a fake fiancée, introduce her at my company’s gala, and save my job. A chance meeting with a tall, leggy blonde who looks like she could use a night out is the perfect solution. Beautiful, sane, and she has a kid? We have a winner.
    The relationship is a ruse, but I didn’t count on her being unforgettable. A lie brought us together, but now I have no intention of letting her go.


    I can’t buy my way onto Madison Avenue…

    I didn’t bust my ass in college to be a nanny. Unfortunately, a 4.0 GPA and sucking up did nothing to secure me a coveted Tate & Cane internship. My wealthy employer has connections, so I do what I need to—until one outrageous proposal changes everything.
    In one afternoon, I find myself fake engaged with a fake new family. I’m not a liar, but he assumes the kid is mine. I should set the record straight. There’s only one problem. My new “fiancé” is a photographer for Tate & Cane. He’s my “in.” 
    If I can hold on to this charade long enough, I can get the job and the man of my dreams. I’m winging this completely unsupervised. Game on.

    About Cora Kenborn:

    Cora Kenborn writes twisted romance novels about damaged bad boys and feisty heroines. She guarantees her readers a happily ever after, although she may or may not mess with their minds before giving it to them. (Okay, she totally will.)

    Southern by way of North Carolina, Cora says "y'all" way too much and has a lifelong addiction to sweet tea. She loves true crime shows but is forced to watch them alone since it freaks out the normal people when she takes notes. Cora spends her free time avoiding laundry and convincing her family that Hot Pockets are an acceptable dinner. Oh, and autocorrect thinks she's obsessed with ducks.

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