Friday, June 14, 2019

Featured Author: Jillian Liota

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Jillian Liota!!


Wyatt Calloway isn’t a good idea. 

I didn’t pick up my life and move to this urban beach city to spend my days swooning over a rich bad boy who rides a motorcycle and seems to always get his way with just a flash of that smile.

I’m here to get to know the brother I’ve never met. Try and create a family when I’ve gone so long without one. Maybe find a place where I belong.

But I can’t seem to get him off my mind.

Hannah Morrison isn’t a good idea. 

I’m back in town just for the summer, and my priorities are to spend time with my little sister, check in with my family, and make sure things aren’t really as bad as they seem.

But somehow, the new girl becomes my focus. She’s got a ton of baggage, and she doesn’t understand why she’s really here. But I’ll do anything to make her feel like she belongs.

Even give her promises I’m not sure I can keep.

Welcome to Hermosa Beach

About Jillian Liota:

Jillian Liota is a southern California native currently live in Kailua, Hawaii. She is married to her best friend, as a three-legged pup with endless energy, and acts as a servant to two very temperamental cats. When she isn’t writing, she is traveling, reading a good book, or watching Harry Potter.


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 Interview With Jillian Liota:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
I write a mixture of contemporary romance and new adult romance. I am a strong believer in people getting the love they truly deserve, and that overflows into my stories. Some of the praise I've gotten over the years is that I write strong female friendships, side characters that matter, and have a positive outlook on mental health.

2.  What inspires you to write?
I'm inspired by almost everything. Sometimes it's a line in a comedy show or something I've seen on TV. Oftentimes themes from my real life make their way into the book I'm working on at the moment. But I think there's a difference between being inspired to write and being motivated to write. I'm motivated by my list of long and short term goals, as well as by my own determination - because sometimes you just have to get your butt up and writing even if you don't want to.

3. How do you come up with your characters names?
 I keep a little notebook of names that I like as I hear them, but if nothing feels right, I'll hop onto a baby names website and snoop until I've found something.

4. If you could be friends with one of your character, which one would you chose?
I would definitely be friends with Carly, my heroine from Like You Want It. My husband told me she was the character I wrote that most closely resembles me, so maybe that's a narcissistic response. But I love her optimism, her active choices to make her life better, and how she communicates with Fin.

5. Do you have a release day tradition?
Usually, on release day, my husband will take me out to lunch or dinner. But without fail, every time, he writes me a card, and I have them all saved. They tell me how proud he is of me for going after my dreams. That's the only thing I need on release day to feel good.

6. Do you work with an outline, or just write?
I'm a pantser, 100%. I tried to create a plot for the past few books, and whenever I look back at them, the book looks completely different. I'm trying to work on that, though, because I want to be able to write stories that overlap or are interconnected, and I hope to write a post-apocalyptic fiction novel someday, so I really need to work on the plotting side of things. But that is a someday goal.

7. If your fairy godmother waved her wand and whisked you away to the location of your choice, which place would you choose?
Ooooooh, I think I'd go to the UK. I've never been to Europe, and I need to get there so bad!

8.  What  writing projects are you currently working on?
 I'm currently working on the NEXT book in the Hermosa Beach Series. Book #2 will be in the same setting, and overlap with side characters and storylines. I'm expecting to publish at the end of summer :) Then I'll be diving back into the Like You Series with Book #3 and #4. It's going to be a busy end of 2019.

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