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Featured Author: Renee Regent

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Renee Regent!!


 When it comes to love, some things just can’t be explained….

It's 1977 and ever-skeptical journalism student Sarah McKenn doesn't believe the rumors of strange happenings in her small college town in Colorado. Then she witnesses something she can’t explain. A figure. A flash of blue light. A dive from a mountaintop no one could survive. Nothing, or no one, left behind. Struggling to understand what she saw, Sarah meets Christian Levine. She believes he’s the key to unraveling the truth, but from the start, their uncannily deep connection only leaves her with more questions.

Christian is a promising research psychologist with psychic abilities he’s eager to prove are very real. A secret experiment gives him his chance, but when he discovers the malicious plan of the man behind it, things turn deadly. Now Chris must make a choice between his own freedom or saving Sarah. His connection with her has become a soul-filling passion, an unexplained psychic bond. Can they discover the reason for their connection before they are torn apart?


Love isn’t always what it seems to be…..when you are living in the past

When photographer Zac Daley sees something strange in his vintage camera, he thinks he may be losing his mind.
A person in the lake, crying out for help.
No one else can see or hear the drowning girl, but him.

Zac’s interest in finding out about the mysterious girl in the lake becomes an obsession when she appears, demanding he deliver her message. With his friend Amanda’s help, he sets out to solve the mystery, but at a cost neither of them could foresee.
Amanda Bresky has a problem. Her family has forbidden her to see the man she loves, and Zac himself has told her he wants no part of a relationship. He wants to just remain friends, and he’s planning to leave town soon. But she is determined to break through to his heart, whatever it takes. Even if it means helping him chase a ghost.

Haunted by his own past, Zac needs to leave Fort Winston, Colorado as soon as possible─but a wayward ghost and a certain hot-blooded redhead named Amanda are tempting him to stay. 


 Can an undeniable bond transcend time and distance?

When an opportunity arises to leave his crumbling life in California and return to Fort Winston, Colorado, Christian Levine hopes to rekindle more than memories. If he can find the woman he once thought was the love of his life, he’ll prove to her their extraordinary psychic connection was more than just a phase two college kids went through.
Sarah McKenn is about to leave Fort Winston, moving to Sedona, Arizona for a career opportunity she can’t pass up. She and her daughter Sophie are looking forward to their new adventure, but when two men come back into Sarah’s life at the same time, she has to decide whether to face the secrets of her past, or embrace her future and never look back.

Or will the secrets of the past destroy any chances they both have for love, and a new life?

About Renee Regent:

A lifelong entrepreneur, Renee Regent spent most of her life writing for business. But she never lost her love of writing stories, especially romance. She now writes stories about the power of love─how mismatched people overcome the odds to be together. After all, love can sometimes be found in unexpected places.
Renee lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats and four turtles. When not working or writing, she can be found sitting on her deck enjoying nature. Wine may or may not be involved….

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Interview With Renee Regent:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?
In October 2016, I released my debut novel, Unexplained, Book One of the Higher Elevation Series. It’s categorized as a paranormal romance, but also has elements of supernatural suspense and mystery to it. The heroine is a skeptical journalism student and the hero is an astral-traveling psychic. These two end up having an unexplainable connection, and get in all kinds of trouble because of it. The second book, Untouched, and the third book, Undeniable, were published a few months later. The series takes the characters through time, with surprising twists and supernatural happenings.

2. When did you know you wanted to write a book?
I’ve been storytelling and writing since I was a kid, but didn’t seriously pursue it as a career until later in life. I had a few rejections from publishers back in the nineties, and put writing aside. In 2011, I started up again, but this time I had the goal of self-publishing. With the help of great group of writer friends, I was able to write and publish a three-book series, and now I can’t imagine not writing.

3. How long on average does it take you to write a book?
That really depends on the project, and how long the story is. Unexplained went through many variations before it all came together, but Untouched seemed like it wrote itself! It may take a few to several months for a full length novel, maybe a week or two for a novella.

4. Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I have a really nice home office, but since I do actual “work” there, I write better sitting on my sofa in the living room. I usually have on the type of music they play at the spa, which puts me in a relaxed state, so I can get into the story.

5. Where do you get your ideas for your stories?
The idea for Unexplained came from a real-life event, then I added the supernatural aspect. Sometimes an idea is just triggered by a random thing, and I have no idea why. I wish I could control it! I have no shortage of ideas, just a shortage of time to write them all.

6. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it?
After my three book series was released, I felt a sort of sadness. I was happy it was out there and well-received, but there was no more anticipation. So I took a break for a few weeks and then went through my story idea file, and slowly got back into writing again. Never give up!

7. What is your favorite season? What do you love about it?
I like spring the best. It’s warmer, there’s flowers, and the anticipation of summer and autumn. I don’t like cold much, but the snow is pretty─when viewed from the window!

8. What are you working on next?
I have a Holiday novella collection in edits right now. I hope to have it out in time for the holiday season coming up. This was one of those where the story idea hits you over the head and demands to be written, so I’m excited about it. No title yet, details coming soon!

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