Sunday, August 27, 2017

Featured Author: Elaine May

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Elaine May!! 

My Dirty Boss

Once upon a time.
Really? That's not right.
This is no fairy tale.
This is more like a dirty tale.
A dirty tale with my new boss as the ring leader.
He's hot.
He's sexy as hell and he's one dirty SOB.
I'm a moth to his fiery world but the deeper I go the more I love it.
I always want more.
He's my boss in the toy store we both work in.
The only games we should be interested in revolve around princesses and pirates, but the only games he wants to play are dirty.
I want to tell you my dirty story.
I want to tell you all about My Dirty Boss.

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About Elaine May:
Elaine May is my Author name. I live in the South West of England with my two beautiful daughters and yummy hubby. I love reading dark and twisted tales that mess with your head. I love to travel and spending time with my family. My dream is for people to like what I have written and hopefully get to go to a book signing event as an author and get to sign my own books.

Interview With Elaine May:

1)  Can you tell us a little about your books?
My latest book and 2nd stand alone, My Dirty Boss came out in June and is the erotic tale of Daniel and Beth. It's very dirty and very sexy and I had so much fun writing it, it's getting some great reviews too. Unworthy is my other stand alone and is perfect if you like a bit of suspense but it's very much a love story. I have a series as well, The Truth Series that centres around the Bryant family that contains 5 books at the moment but I'm working on the last two. Each story can be read as a stand alone but each one is centred around a family member, I love the Bryant family they mean so much to me and Joshua and Isla are the ones who made me start this journey and I'll always be grateful to them for popping into my head.

2) What inspires you to write?
When both my children were at school and I had more time I was able to get into reading again and I just found that I couldn't stop. I needed that next fix and before I knew it Joshua and Isla popped into my head. Part of their journey means a lot to me because it was so close to home and I was able to really let lose on how I was feeling. A lot of Joshua's thoughts in the second part of their story is very much my own and it really helped me. I try to think of what I would like to read, If I'm writing a nasty scene than I have to have The Fall on in the background, like wise I like to have romances on just so its all around me. I can't write in silence, I need something in the background. 

3) When you write do you write the first draft on a computer or paper and pen?
I buy notepads. I have a few in my wardrobe and as soon as a story starts to form I like to set it out on paper. I'll jot down what I see happening in the different chapters and if a sentence comes to mind or a gesture ect then I put it all down too. If I need to do a little research that all goes in my notepad too. Once I have a good idea of whats going to happen I start writing it on my computer. 

4) Do you have a favorite spot to write?
I always write downstairs in my living room on my sofa with my table by the side of me so I can have a bottle of water or a cup of tea. When my husband's home I end up upstairs so he can go on his xbox.

5) What is a usual writing day like for you, how is it structured?
Take my girls to school for 9 and then when I get home I have Jeremy Kyle on while I do some pimping and a little tidying. I spend the rest of the morning/afternoon writing around a little lunch and picking the girls up at 3.15. In the evening I might do a little bit more writing or read a book.

6) What’s the best thing about being a writer?
I have got to know some amazing ladies that I'm lucky enough to call friends. I have always worked in retail and the fact that I can now do something I love and work from home is amazing.I have had times of depression in my past but writing just really seems to help me, whether unloading feelings or just staying calmer when I'm not near a deadline I have set myself.

7) If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?
I don't know but I really love Captain America would that work?

8) What are writing projects are you currently working on?
I want to finish the last two books in the Truth series and then release them all together.I have a few different stories in the works but for one of them I have to do a lot of research but I can't wait. I would love if at some point in the future I could become a best seller, I think that's what every author wants but at the moment I am just really enjoying the ride.

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