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Featured Author: Mari Brown

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Mari Brown!!

Book by Mari Brown

On the Edge 

Leaving an abusive life behind is not a crime.

Katarina Roberts’ only goal is to get the hell out of Belmont, and the further away, the better. After living with an abusive mother most of her life, her brother Drew, part of the town's notorious Knight Crime family, is doing everything he can to help her attend school at UCLA.

Cole Knight is being groomed to take over the Knight family business. A lethal combination of sexy and dangerous, he has no interest in a relationship... until he meets Kat. Cole wants Kat, and will stop at nothing to have her and keep her, and make her part of the ‘family’.

Kat and Cole have an explosive connection from the first moment they lay eyes on one another.

Now, Kat faces the hardest choice of her life… Cole or UCLA? Cole would mean dealing with everything that comes from being a "Knight." A world where you are constantly worrying about your loved ones being hurt or possibly worse. But loving him makes it seem worth it. Or does she stick with the plan to get as far away from Belmont as possible? Will she give up her dreams of UCLA for Cole? 

Over the Edge  
 Katarina “Kat” Roberts left years ago for college. Leaving behind the man she loved trying to make a future for herself. She has avoided Belmont for five long years because of Cole Knight. When her brother is shot protecting Cole she is forced to return and face him.

Cole Knight, powerful leader to a crime family hasn't seen Kat since she walked out on him. Now they have to put their past aside when an old enemy comes back determined to take out Kat, Cole and anyone connected to them.

Kat and Cole have to learn to work together and not tear each other apart as they battle a common foe. Will it bring them closer together? Will they get a second chance at love or will the past be too much for them to overcome?

Beyond the Edge

Kat Roberts and Cole Knight:
Separately, each is a force to be reckoned with. United, they are unstoppable.
Sal Martin:
Out to destroy Kat, Cole and the whole Knight Family.
As Kat and Cole plan their upcoming nuptials, disaster strikes. Will they make it to the alter and get their happily ever after? Will they survive the obstacles thrown in their path? Will they be able to take care of the Sal Martin once and for all or will the Martin Family get to them first?
Destiny's Detour
Destiny's Detour YA
Twice Loved 
Tempting Scrooge 

Dare to Shine 

Interview With Mari Brown:

1. Can you tell us a little about your books?

I write contemporary romance, I love strong independent woman and hot alpha males as my lead characters. My Knight Series is a mafia series.

2. If you could be friends with one of your character, which one would you chose?

This is a tough one. I love all my characters especially the ones from the Knight series. If I could select only one though it would have to be Kat Roberts the protagonist of the Knight series.

3. Do you work with an outline, or just write?

I mostly just write, I try outlining but it never sticks once I write the story and characters take on a life of their own and tell the story they want told.

4. Do you have a favorite spot to write?

I have a little office set up in my bedroom where I do most of my writing. Occasionally I will take my laptop down to the river and sit on the pier and write.

5. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing?

I always have a glass of sweet tea, cheeses its and Brach’s peppermints around when I write.

6. What’s your favorite summertime activity?

I live on the river and the beach is about 20 min from my house. I love hanging out at both. I’m a water baby.

7. For a reader who hasn't read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with?

On the Edge Book 1 of the Knight Series.

8. Are you doing any Author Signing Event this year?

I’m not attending any events in 2016. I do have one scheduled in Dallas in 2017.

9. What are writing projects are you currently working on?

I am working on Book 4 of the Knight Series. I also write under a second pen name and have a
project going there. I’m also working on a new series under Mari Brown all to release in 2017.
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