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Featured Author: Jalpa Williby

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Jalpa Williby!!!

Chaysing Series 


Chaysing Dreams (Chaysing #1)

Life…secrecy, deceit, danger…No, no! Run, escape!

“Run!” Her inner voice is shouting. She has to run faster! She’s about to get caught! No, no! She has to get away. Please, she must escape! “Run faster!”

As long as Tess Sanoby can remember, she has always had the same nightmares, where the girl in her dreams is running for her life with an unknown force chasing her. Each time, right before the girl is caught, Tess awakens, shaken with fear and confusion. Who is the girl? What do these dreams mean?

Getting through the growing pains of high school with her best friends Jack and Kylie, and then being accepted into her dream college, Tess is excited to start her life of independence. There, she meets the mysterious trainer and mentor, Chris, and she instantly feels a strong connection with him. Unfortunately, Chris wants nothing to do with her. Although Chris continues to give her the cold shoulder, his overprotectiveness and the occasional slips of sensitivity confuse Tess. Not understanding Chris or their relationship, she is on a constant emotional roller coaster with him. Could her best friends be the stable force that she desperately needs?

Unfortunately for Tess, the more she tries to connect the missing pieces of her life, the more obscure her past and future appear to her. To make matters worse, she realizes she has fallen hard for a man who may be her worst enemy. As passion ignites between the two, she can’t help but surrender her heart and soul to him.

Tess is unexpectedly exposed to a world of secrecy, deceit, and danger, causing her to be running for her life, chased by the unknown. Can Tess escape and save not only herself, but also her loved ones? Or, will she be caught, leaving her no choice but to face her worst nightmare?

Chaysing Dreams is the ultimate love story, full of suspense, friendship, betrayal, tragedy, and sacrifice. In this epic tale, you will laugh and cry with Tess--a story full of twists and turns, keeping you guessing until the end.


Chaysing Memories (Chaysing Trilogy, #2)

Chaysing Memories (Chaysing Trilogy, #2)

Even if your mind forgets, will your heart remember?

They say you can’t beat Fate.
She has the power to fill your heart with happiness or shatter it into a million pieces.

Too many lies, too many secrets. Tess’s perfect little world is now nothing more than chaos. She is determined to find inner strength, happiness, and peace. And yet, she can’t remember some of the most crucial events of her life, including the man she once fell in love with. Will she be able to trust her instincts and listen to her heart before it’s too late?

Chayse has given up his life for her. And he would do it again. A man, once powerful and fierce, now has lost control of everything around him. Can he hang on to the slim hope that somehow Tess will be able to find him and save him from his hell, even though she has no idea who he is?

Don’t miss this highly anticipated sequel to the Amazon bestseller, Chaysing Dreams, as Tess’s story continues in Chaysing Memories. Travel the journey with Tess as she bravely barrels through the enigmatic path, through her laughter and tears, through her pain and desire. This compelling novel will shock you with startling revelations and will keep you frantically turning pages until the very end.

Chaysing Destiny (Chaysing Trilogy #3)

Chaysing Destiny (Chaysing Trilogy #3)

Will you find your destiny?
Or will destiny find you?

Lesson One: Follow your instincts.
Lesson Two: Trust no one.
Lesson Three: Don't hesitate.

Truth is nothing but lies.
Light is overshadowed by darkness.
Hope is replaced by despair.
Innocence is lost. Only anger and bitterness remain.

Don't miss this final installment as destiny's path is ultimately unraveled in Chaysing Destiny.

My Perfect Imperfections

My Perfect Imperfections

I can’t talk.
I can’t walk.
I’m alive.
But, am I living?

My name is Lily Cooper, and I have Cerebral Palsy.
I can’t seem to control my muscles. My body refuses to cooperate.

I may be confined to my wheelchair, but my mind is sharp. And I’m stubborn as hell.

I will not allow my disability to define me.
I will pave my own path in life.
I choose strength.

Fate's Cry

Fate's Cry


When her entire family perishes in a fire, Kelsey Taylor has nobody to blame but herself. Grief stricken, she finally chooses death over a life full of agony. But, fate intervenes…


A mysterious stranger comes into her life. Although she has somehow found the strength to “live,” all is not as it seems when Kelsey discovers Damien’s deepest secrets. While her mind screams to run, her heart begs her to stay.


To make matters worse, a serial killer is loose, and he’s going after everybody Kelsey has loved. Seeking revenge, Kelsey is determined to hunt him down. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

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About Jalpa Williby: 

Never the one to back away from a challenge, Jalpa Williby pushed herself to excel. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois, Williby went on to earn Masters in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. Her passion for helping her patients led her to a specialty in neuroscience, focusing on children and adults with neurological impairments.

Throughout her life, Williby’s love for books has never faded. She creates an unforgettable world with unique characters in her stories. Williby uses her writing to not only provide an “escape” for her readers, but hopefully, inspire them as well. Soon after publishing her first set of books, she has quickly become a bestselling and multi-award winning author with two gold medals and one bronze medal from Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. Her more recent book, My Perfect Imperfections, has received rave reviews, including from Kirkus Reviews. Williby can be found either writing, reading, enjoying nature, or simply being silly with her family.

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Interview With Jalpa Williby:
  1. Can you tell us a little about your books?  
    To be honest, all of my books are different. The Chaysing Trilogy is an epic love story. In the first book, the MC is only 15 years old at the beginning. By the end of the third book, she’s almost 30. I would call it a multi-genre because it’s coming of age, romance, suspense, and thriller. My Perfect Imperfections is also a beautiful love story, and it’s written from the POV of a girl with cerebral palsy. It’s a very emotional story for me because as a physical therapist, I’ve treated many patients with cerebral palsy. Loving You Hurts So Good is a collection of novellas. These stories are very special because they’re all unique. One is a paranormal romance, yet another is about a famous singer who ends up being paralyzed from a tragic accident. My most recent work, Fate’s Cry, will be released in July. This one is a paranormal romance and a psychological thriller. I’m really proud of this one because I’d never written a story like this. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is I like writing stories that are completely different from the others (although it looks like they all do have the romance part as a common factor). I guess I’m a sucker for a good love story.

  2. When did you know you wanted to write a book?  
    I think it was about 3-4 years ago. I’ve always been a lover of books, and one day, I challenged myself to see if I can actually write a novel. I had no intention on publishing anything. But, as soon as Chaysing Dreams was created (my debut novel), I knew I had to publish it. After that, it was almost like I became addicted to writing. There are so many stories in my head screaming to get out. 
  3. What inspires you to write? 
    Sometimes, if I see a good movie or read a good book, it may give me ideas. I also become inspired by music…especially if it’s a song that really hits me in the gut. Witnessing real life events inspires me as well. I know when I wrote My Perfect Imperfections, I interviewed a lot of people with cerebral palsy. I was fortunate enough to make some great friends from this experience. This totally inspired me to write a kick ass story! You know, “their” story.

  4. For a reader who hasn't read your books yet, which book do you suggest they start with? Because they’re all different, it all would depend on the reader’s taste. If you’re the kind who loves a gut-wrenching series with lots of passion—where you can watch your characters evolve and grow—I would suggest to start with Chaysing Dreams (that’s Book 1 of the trilogy). If you’re the kind of reader who wants a “good cry” book, I’d suggestion My Perfect Imperfections. If you like closures right away from your stories, then read Loving You Hurts So Good. And if you like paranormal romances or psychological thriller, I’d suggest Fate’s Cry. It’s actually on sale for only 99cents as a special introductory offer currently. 
  5. Do you have a favorite character to write about?  
    Ha! I have a serious problem where I get attached to all my characters and become very protective of them. I literally get inside their heads, and basically they dictate their story to me. It’s the craziest feeling, but I love all of the characters in their own unique way. I have to say I loved writing from Chayse’s point of view in Chaysing Destiny because I felt like I finally understood him. He’s a badass, but such a complicated character with really a tormented soul. I also loved writing Lily and Chance’s story from My Perfect Imperfections. I loved their special love for one another and the way they were able to overcome so many obstacles that life threw at them. 
  6. Do you have a favorite spot to write? 
    I like to write in my room with my door closed. That way, I can escape into my imaginary world and lose myself with the characters.

  7. Do you listen to music while you write? 
    I listen to music to inspire me. Many times, music has given me ideas for a scene. Or, I listen to a particular song over and over to really “put myself there.” But I can’t listen to it at the same time as I’m writing. It would totally take me out of my zone.

  8. What writing projects are you currently working on? 
    After I’m done with the edits for “Fate’s Cry,” I will be working on the sequel, “Fate’s Roar.” I’m also really excited about another project I’ve been working on. It’s about an American soldier assigned to save a Muslim girl when she became a victim of human trafficking. It’s called “Girl Behind The Veil,” and I absolutely love the way the story is developing.