Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Valentines Countdown Blitz Day 8: Duchess by Nikki Wilson

Writes whatever strikes her fancy: Contemporary Romance, YA fantasy, Picture Books, Non-Fiction, blog posts and anything else that requires pen and paper. She works at an elementary school as a reading tutor teaching children to love reading as much as she does. She’s married to a wonderful man and her four greatest accomplishments expect her to cook them dinner and tuck them in at night.

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Katie Murphy is the manager of overnight pop sensation, Duchess, whose biggest gimmick is that no one knows her true identity. Katie’s job is to keep this secret no matter the cost. When Duchess agrees to perform in a benefit concert for wounded veterans, Katie gets more than she bargained for when she meets Chase.

Carter Chase went from being a soldier in the Army to volunteering at Veterans’ Aid. The charity helped him through a dark time and he would do anything for them, including help plan a benefit concert. But when he finds out the main act is Duchess, the British pop diva who makes fun of America, he is ready to bail out—until he meets Duchess’s manager, Katie Murphy.

As they work together, Chase soon becomes a risk to Duchess’s true identity . . . and also to Katie’s heart.

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Looking out the window, Carter Chase watched as the bus snaked through the Santa Monica streets. He could see the ocean glittering on the horizon and hear the honking cars all around him. It was amazing how quickly this place had become his home. As the bus came to a stop, he stood and waited for the older woman in front of him to make her way down the aisle to the door. Taking a deep breath, he smelled the unique combination of sea salt and car exhaust. The smell reminded him of the first time he’d made this bus ride almost two years ago. He hadn’t known at the time what a big step he was taking to his recovery.
Shaking off the memories, he walked toward a rundown strip mall with flaking paint and broken signs. Before he could move past the woman in front of him, a loud bang sounded. Without thinking, he grabbed the old woman and pulled her roughly to the patch of grass next to the strip mall parking lot. Looking up, he scanned the area for the enemy while reaching for a rifle that wasn’t there. His vision immediately went cloudy, and he could see the battlefield before him. Instead of the streets of Santa Monica, he saw the streets of Baghdad, shelled buildings all around him. The enemy could be anywhere. Fear seeped deep into his bones as he waited for the next gunshot to ring out.
“Let go of me!” The woman lying on the ground hit Chase with her purse, causing him to come back to reality.

He’d thrown his body on top of hers to shield her, but from what? He looked up as an old truck rolled past with another quieter bang. It was only a backfire. There was no gun. There was no battlefield.

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