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Featured Author: Laura Morgan

Welcome Today's Featured Author 
Laura Morgan!!

Rough Love – a dark, MC romance: 

I’ve always lived a sheltered life,
One where my every move has been decided for me and no decision has ever been my own. I thought I liked it that way. That I was content to let it continue…
I've never been hurt, or had my heart broken,
That was until my big sister was killed in a hit and run, leaving me alone amongst the men who have brought me up—the protectors I thought I trusted—but without her, things are suddenly beginning to change. The world around me is growing darker and more dangerous. The monsters who were lurking in the shadows are slowly coming out to play their sinister games with me and I have no idea where to turn to for help.
I never got to know who my sister truly was,
I need answers to the questions I’ve left it too late to ask. But, I have finally found a clue, and the only question is, am I ready to hear the truth? Will I be able to handle the depravity of the story I’ve yet to uncover?
So now it's all about to change,
My name is Dahlia Proctor. I’m the youngest daughter of the Black Knights Motorbike Club President, and this is the story of how my life has been turned upside down ever since my sister died…
Please note – This book is not suitable for those under 18 years old. There are numerous severe triggers and dark scenes. 



Black Rose series 

1. Embracing the Darkness:

What would you do if you discovered you father was the Devil? Would you run? Fight? Give up everything you once knew and join him…
Young Cate Rose's seemingly normal life is shattered by that exact revelation. She then leaves her old, human life on Earth behind and goes to Hell, where the Dark Princess must then discover her own path while embracing her darkness. With an angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other, she then must find the right balance for both her humanity and her dark prowess.
Her strange world is turned upside-down even further as she is emotionally exploited and scarred by further events that sweep her in different directions, and into the arms of very different lovers, all of them powerful beings that dominate both her and the world’s around her.
The Dark Princess's tumultuous existence has many twists and turns in store, culminating in a deliciously heart-wrenching tale of love, lust, power, passion and heartache until she eventually takes control of her own fate at last. But which path will she choose, and to whom will it lead? 


2. A Slave to the Darkness: 

A storm has been brewing for the past fifty years since the new Devil, Cate Rose, took her child of light and darkness back to Hell with her. The angel Uriel, the child's father, wants Lottie for his own, but what lengths will he go to in order to find her?
Meanwhile, circus performer Brent and his family's travelling show are all followers of an unholy mistress, the powerful and primeval demon, Lilith. Brent's girlfriend Tilly is unwittingly pulled into their dark world, where she then finds herself under the mesmerising and dangerous gaze of the Black Prince of Hell, Blake Rose. Tilly clumsily breaks all the rules, but rather than punishing her, Blake is intrigued and he marks Tilly as his own. Her life as she knows it is then gone forever, being replaced by a dark and sexy, seductive yet terrifying existence under Blake's rule.
Can Tilly's love ever thaw this evil, cold-hearted being? Or will Blake forever remain the icy, distant Prince he has always been? The beautiful, captivating woman and her warm heart are determined to try.
Will Blake learn to love at last? Does he even want to?
Either way, Tilly will soon find herself becoming a slave to the darkness, and her once so normal existence will never be the same again.

3. Forever Darkness:  

The Black Prince of Hell, Blake Rose has finally found love. He has broken down his protective walls and let in the mesmerising young human woman who in her foolish ways and gentle nature has captured not only his attention but also his heart. But now, Tilly lies dying after having been stabbed by the white witch Beatrice and Blake is helpless to stop it. He is stuck in Hell until the full moon begins to rise on Earth and only then can he go to his lover's side to try and save her life, or else let Tilly become another powerless soul in an ocean of predatory demons and evil beings hell-bent on making the newly deceased souls their eternal playthings.
Blake knows that there must be another way. He will do anything it takes to save Tilly from that terrible fate and he absolutely cannot lose his soul mate now. Tilly belongs to him, with him. She changed his life when all Blake wanted was to be cold and cruel for all eternity, but now that being he was is long gone. Blake also has to accept that in order to save her it may be time for him to make his own deal with the Devil, his mother, Cate Rose.
What will the omnipotent mistress decide?
Will she save Tilly's soul from the bottom of the hellish heap, and if so what will she expect from them both in return?

4. Destined for Darkness:  

Cate Rose, the omnipotent Dark Queen and ruler of Hell is torn. Her only brother, Devin Black, has betrayed her trust and gone behind her back in order to further his own supremacy on Earth. Not content with just being the powerful leader of their secretive dark order, the Crimson Brotherhood, Devin wants more and it seems he has gone to great lengths to try and obtain it.
While the young demon, and Cate’s eldest son’s fiancée Tilly, recovers from yet another near death experience, this time at her own omnipotent hands, Cate has an important decision to make.
But, which future will she choose to bestow on her brother?
Should Cate place her trust in the demon that has abused his position so treasonously? Or can she forgive his selfishness and give him the chance to atone by making the ultimate sacrifice? Allowing Devin his much-desired prize of an earthly throne will come at a price, but will Lucifer’s eldest son be ready to make the deal of a lifetime?
In this, the fourth instalment of the Black Rose series, you will learn more about the Crimson Brotherhood and its history, significance and the changes they will have to bring about in order to achieve the all important balance that each and every being atop the Hellish and Heavenly thrones are working hard to accomplish.
Are you ready for the darkest of the Black Rose series novels?

5. A Light in the Darkness:  

Balance, peace, unity and an end to the wars of light and darkness – these are all the things the Devil, Cate Rose, and her family of light and dark beings are working tirelessly to acquire.
The worlds above and below the Earthly realm are no longer battling, and yet their personal wars still rage on. Devin's fate hangs in the balance as his dark quest continues within Lucifer's prison, and even the almighty Dark Queen will have to wait to find out whether her brother succeeds or fails. Her eldest son, Blake, is nursing his fiancée back to health after being tortured, all the while coming to terms with her reasons for allowing it to happen.
Up on Earth at the Crimson Brotherhood, new guardians Melody and Donovan are free to live their lives at last. They’re a beacon of hope to all those still wondering if light and dark beings can live, work and love side-by-side. But, can they forget their past turmoil and move on?
In this, the concluding chapter of the Black Rose series, old and new characters come together and put themselves to the ultimate tests. Only the loyal and fearless will come out strong, but can they all make it through in one piece? Or, will they have to sacrifice themselves, or those they love, to ensure the survival of their worlds?
The lives of those closest to the Dark Queen are in tatters, and she must remain strong, for the end is in sight.
Are you ready for the FINAL instalment of this dark and powerful series?

6. When Darkness Falls (A free short prequel to the series)

1115 A.D.
(Way before the entire Black Rose series even began…)
Back when the world was still a simple and pure place. A time when evil had been banished. Locked away in Hell while good reigned supreme on Earth. The Devil and almighty ruler of Hell, Lucifer, had been bested, imprisoned for all eternity, but there were gaps to his enslavement in the netherworld. Because of such loopholes, the malevolent being is determined to enjoy his spoils whenever he can—whatever the cost.
When Darkness Falls and the creatures of monstrous myth are unbound, can the innocent remain pure and untainted by their lure? Do they truly want to, or is the seduction too hard for those open to him to ignore or deny…
Find out in this new short story by Laura Morgan that serves as a stand-alone and prequel to the Black Rose series.
This is a short story stand-alone, which contains no spoilers and can be read before or after reading the Black Rose series.


Forever Lost:  

Cassie Taylor has issues…
Much like any other young woman who turns to a life filled with escorts, hookers, drug-dealers, and gangsters.
Enter Leonardo Solomon…
The hottest guy Cassie has ever seen.
The only problem is he’s a scary, intimidating, drug-lord who surrounds himself with whores, and personal minions.
Leo is a man who does what he wants, and gets what he wants, and Cassie soon finds herself desperate for his affection. However, at the same time, his powerful prowess scares her too much to let him in. Cassie has a past that still haunts her, a life left behind, but not forgotten.
So when Leo tries to lay claim over Cassie, and she refuses him, the game is on…

Forever Loved:  

Leonardo Solomon used to be bad news…
In fact, he still is. A former drug-lord, Leonardo has done so many things wrong he doesn’t know where to begin righting them. He isn’t sure if he even wants to. It’s far easier to just walk away and start a new life. Except there’s one part of his past he can’t get out of his head.
Cassie Taylor has never been able to let him go…
Despite the constant battle Leo faces with the demons from his past, Cassie is determined to finally break down the hard shell of the rebel she can’t resist. It’s them against the world, and Cassie believes their love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle in their path.
If only things were that simple…
The cartel they escaped isn’t finished with them. Cassie must prove that when it comes to the man she loves and the life they’ve built together, nothing and no one will stop her from getting what she wants, to be…
Forever Loved.


Indie Visible Anthology:  

Independent authors unite in this first volume of Indie Visible. Featuring the talents of D M Singh, Claire Colley, C.S. Woolley, Maria Gibbs, Steven M. Caddy, Laura Morgan, Rose English, Roger Gordon, Felicity Snowden, Chris Turnbull, Michael Wombat, K. S. Marsden, Rachel Cotterill, Diana Jackson, this anthology is a treasure to behold.
With a mixture of exclusive short stories and extracts from other works, there is something delight every reader.
Not only does Indie Visible unite some of the most exciting talent in the independent publishing world, it also strives to change the lives of children. Supporting the work of Lumos. 50% of the profits from each book sold will be donated Lumos, ensuring the vital work they do can continue, helping children and families all around the world.
So pick up this book and discover why we really are indivisible.


Fly Away: A Short Romance Story.  

After years of feeling unhappy and alone, Aria dreams of spreading her wings and flying away. Playing second fiddle to her husband's career was never her idea of a fulfilling life, but she’s too lost in her sea of self-pity to make a change.
That is, until she meets Dexter Fray, a pop star who dreams of escaping the fake world he’s found himself immersed in. After pursuing his dreams and becoming part of one the world’s hottest boy bands, he’s lost himself in the process. He's lonely and miserable, but so smothered by fame and fortune he can’t make that change either.
When the pair meet one starry night on a rooftop, they find a kindred lost soul staring back at them in the darkness. A connection is made and the changes begin to happen for them whether they wanted it to or not, and Aria wonders if perhaps Dexter might be the key to helping her find herself again.
If only it could be quite so easy…


Invasion Day series – 


1. Humankind: 

In spite of all foretelling and scientific proof, humans have ruined their home, Earth. Overpopulation and the misuse of valuable fossil fuels have resulted in the end of the world fast approaching, and many believe it might be too late to stop it.
With that fear very much in mind, in the year 3030, an alien race called the Thrakorian’s stepped in to take charge of the Earth and its inhabitants, but at a price.
Rather than leading by fear, the Thrakorian’s have ensured the loyalty and servitude of the human race through gratitude and a sense of purpose they’d been lacking for generations. But can their savior’s really be as generous as they seem?
Years later, and rebel forces are intent on bringing down their new governing race, and Earth’s new leader, King Kronus, atop it. Loyal humans must fight against their own, but to what end, and for whose agenda?
Young Kyra Millan is a girl from the slums with a valuable mind. She’s intent on fighting her way up the social ladders and starting a new life based on her own merit, and will do anything it takes to reach her peak. Kyra also harbors a strange and unusual secret though, and it’s one she holds so precious it consumes her. Before long it becomes clear that all is not what it seems, but when you’re in too deep can you ever come back, and would you even want to?
Kyra must decide, and with everything on the line she’ll have to prove herself if she wants to survive.


2. Autonomy:  

In the year 3030 an alien race named the Thrakorian’s invaded Earth, and won.
Years later, and while King Kronus sits on his throne on high for all to adore and worship, or else refuse and perish, rebels have risen up to challenge his reign. They need to be stopped, and yet, he doesn’t seem to care. He isn’t interested in the planet he’s left his underlings to command, however the entire human race continues to serve him blindly.
And yet, there are huge discrepancies the likes of which most humans didn’t care to see. But she saw them. Kyra Millan, probably the most devoted human soldier in Kronus’ cause, but also the one with the most amount of questions.
Despite everything she’s done and the ladders she’s climbed, or the friends in high places she has made along the way, Kyra has begun to see through the lies.
In one awful meeting, Kronus made her life’s work seem like nothing more than a waste of her time and talents, and then he’d sent her away without another word of explanation.
But, Kyra knew she would continue to serve him, for what else did she have without her unwavering loyalty to Kronus and his reign?
Now, she has to find a way to balance what she knows and how she feels, however neither he nor any others of his kind seem willing to make it easy on her. Kyra still yearns for her leader’s approval and to keep her place within his regime, so much so she’s determined to fight him on the issue—even if she has to break every rule in the book to prove herself right.
With the hope she can get away with defying her alien overlord one more time, she’s determined to try and infiltrate the rebels opposing him, whether he wants her to or not.
But there’s something Kyra isn’t prepared for. Because when you get in too deep, sometimes it’s hard to remember what’s real and what’s fake anymore…

3. Resonant:

In the year 3030, an alien race named the Thrakorian’s invaded Earth, and won.
Over twenty years later, the humans have finally discovered the truth behind their invasion, albeit too late. The Thrakorian’s weren’t on Earth to protect or to preserve the dying planet and its overpopulated race. They had an ulterior motive. The were there on a research mission, looking to their distant cousins for aspects of their DNA that might be used to help cure the Thrakorian’s of a vicious disease plaguing their kind—Ehrad.
Having taken what they wanted, they’ve left the Earth behind to die, along with billions of humans refused sanctuary on their home planet of Thrakor. And so, with their precious human cargo in tow, the Thrakorian’s are headed home with hopes of a better life for all those affected by the Ehrad disease once they reach it.
Aboard their mother ship, Kyra Millan has been stowed away by her boyfriend and Thrakorian superior, Thrayke. His plan is to keep her hidden while onboard and then sneak her home with him so they can be together, but all without the attentive eye of their leader, King Kronus, watching over them. Watching her.
If only things were that simple…

About Laura Morgan:

"I'm a hopeless romantic with a dark side. Be warned, I may give my characters their Happily Ever After, but I make them work hard for it!"

Laura is a self-confessed computer and gadget geek. She’s always had a wild imagination and a sense of creativity that often runs away with her, engrossing her for days in many a story that haunts her thoughts until it eventually makes it to the page. An avid rock music fan, Laura spends much of her free time listening to music at home or going to concerts with friends, and this love of music often makes its way into her creative writing. Laura loves edgy, gritty books that strip your heart and soul bare and leave you with an epic book hangover at the end. That’s what she aims to do with her stories and thinks her readers agree! At times they’re dark and controversial, but that’s also what makes them unique.

Laura also has a YA science fiction series written under the pen name LC Morgans. It’s a story set a thousand years in the future, in which humans have used and abused the planet beyond repair to both the earth itself and to society. Close to cataclysm, an alien race called the Thrakorian's step in to save the planet, and the humans, but at a price. The human race is then enslaved to their new masters, albeit willingly, and this is the story of a young girl and her journey into adulthood beneath their reign.

Laura loves hearing from her fans and you can connect with her via the following:

 Interview With Laura Morgan:
1. Can you tell us a little about your books? 
I’m known for my dark style and certainly for writing controversial stories with an eventual happily ever after, but I don’t make it easy on my characters thats for sure! 
2. When did you know you wanted to write a book? 
I’ve always made up stories but was never confident enough to actually write anything down until around four years ago when I finally forced myself to do it. I’m so pleased I did as the floodgates are now well and truly open!
3. Do you have a favorite food or drink you must have nearby when writing? 
I’m a sucker for sweets so usually have some skittles or jellies close at hand! I like to maintain my sugar levels haha!
4. If you ever experience a case of writer’s block, how do you cure it? 
I’ve been so lucky and (so far) haven’t had any writer’s block. I like to think if I did, I’d go for a re-read of my old material to get back in the zone and help me reconnect with the characters.

5. When you write do you write the first draft on a computer or paper and pen? 
I’m known to make some scribbles in a note book but usually it’s all done on the computer. I hate to make mistakes so a word document is better for me than having to cross anything out or jot notes in the margin. 
6. What is a usual writing day like for you?  
How is it structured? I love to retreat into 'the cave' as many writers' call it, and especially need peace, quite and undisturbed writing time. Because of this, night times are usually the best time for me, and I've been known to stay up far later than I ought to when a powerful storyline is mid-flow.
7. For someone who hasn't read any of you books yet, which one would you suggest they read first? 
I’d say my new story Rough Love. It’s a stand alone and while still one of my dark stories it has an intense romantic suspense element to it so I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters while writing it.
8. If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have? 
The ability to write directly from my mind to the page haha! That would make my life a hundred times easier ;-) 
9. Are you attending any Author Signing Event this year? 
Yes, I’ve got two more signings planned for 2017, one in Chester, UK in April and I can’t wait, and the other in Peterborough, UK in October, which is a darker themed event too should should be right up my alley. 
10. What are writing projects are you currently working on? 
I’m currently writing the fourth story in my Invasion Day series and love being back in the futuristic world of aliens and other worlds. I can really let my mind go crazy in the sci-fi genre.


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