Monday, February 27, 2017

Review for Second Half by Monica DeSimone

Second Half

Second Half

Zoey McEvoy is a strong, sassy, independent woman that has vowed to herself that she will never allow anyone the opportunity to determine her emotional well being again. After a battle with depression that ended in an attempted suicide she has clawed her way out of the all encompassing darkness. Founding the Coach's Shadow Foundation in honor of her father Zoey finds herself thrown back into the life of the man that emotionally destroyed her eight years earlier.

Derrick Hendrickson chose his career over Zoey and is now back to recapture the love that he so recklessly tossed away. Unaware of the devastation his departure caused, he has to reestablish the trust that he lost when he left her. With the help of their best friends and Zoey's sister Claire, Derrick has a strong chance of proving that he never stopped loving her. However, Zoey's trust issues are major hurdles that need to be crossed. Will Zoey ultimately find the strength to forgive and allow Derrick and love back into her life, proving that the Second Half can be so much brighter?

Review by Gia:

Second Half is a great second chance story.  It's an emotional heart wrenching story.   Zoey  grew up over football.  Her Dad was a great football coach and he media dubbed her the Coach's Shadow.  In college Derrick.  Derrick and her seem met to be but when he's drafted to the NFL thing change.   Zoey went into a downward spiral after Derrick left.  She strong but can only take so much.  I really loved her and just wanted to give her a hug.  She fell down but has picked herself back up then Derrick pops up again.  I really wanted to hate Derrick for what her did but he really does love her and I was hoping she would give him a second chance.  They both have secrets they kept from each other and the really reason for their break comes out.   I was rooting for them both to get their happiness.  

5 Amazeballs Stars!!

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